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Corporate Performance Management Software

A clearer picture of your whole organisation

Working with CCH Tagetik, we’re bringing you a corporate performance management tool (CPM) that will bring your finance and operational data together into one seamless platform. Get a clear, singular view of your organisation and its needs, ensuring you’re prepped to respond any changes as needed. 

We can help you: 

  • Use accurate real-time data for a quicker and more efficient response 
  • Unlock complex scenario planning with intelligent data allocation 
  • Consolidate your data for easier planning, budgeting and reporting 
  • Utilise easy-to-use and accessible reporting dashboards for improved collaboration  

Benefits of corporate performance management software

a man smiling on his phone, after speeding up financial consolidation and close with MHR's CPM software
Speed up financial consolidation and close
Manage your close processes at the speed of light with maximum transparency. Factor mandatory approvals into every step while automating reconciliation. Everything will be smoother, faster and better!
IMB planning analytics overview.
Accurate real time data
Drawing information from across your organisation, you’ll be working with the most accurate and useful data possible, with no risk of double entry making things messy.
IBM planning analytics reporting dashboard.
Consolidate data
It’s much easier to plan, budget and report when all your data is in one place!
Microsoft dynamics reporting overview.
Easy-to-use reporting dashboards
Get buy-in across the business with our reporting dashboards that make collaboration a snap.
A lady with a mobile happy after gaining visibility of projects.
A clear view of productivity
Set up your key performance indicators and keep an eye on them. You’ll Find the best uses for each resource easily, without straining your workload.

Finance with CCH Tagetik
A lady with a laptop, happy after integrating their finance solutions with CCH tagetik

Finance with CCH Tagetik

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson is an AI-powered solution that automates, streamlines and integrates planning across every part of your organisation.  

Armed with IBM’s technology – and with full implementation support from MHR – it has never been easier for organisations to see where they are headed and how to get there. 

iTrent Salary Modelling
IBM planning analytics dashboard overview.

iTrent Salary Modelling

Drawing on our partnership with IBM, we have created an easy-to-use application to address one of the biggest forecasting challenges faced by HR and finance managers - Salary Planning.   

Taking the latest HR and payroll data from your iTrent platform, iTrent Salary Modelling allows you to create accurate, up-to-date, multi-year pay budgets in minutes.

Faster consolidation with a single source of accurate data

Drive your business forward

Built to handle some of the most complicated finance processes, our corporate performance management offerings will give you the tools you need to deliver crucial insights.

Seamless integration

Maximise your investment in other IT software, including Microsoft technologies and MHRs HR and payroll software. Access real-time data from across your business for a complete picture.

Effective collaboration

Encourage a collaboration between teams and even between departments as our highly collaborative software package ensures less time is spent on reconciling data and more time is spent on work that adds real value.

Efficient decision making

Make decisions quickly with greater flexibility, visibility and communication across multiple platforms, all pulling data from consistent sources.

Unmatched productivity

Automate a huge range of traditionally labour-intensive tasks, reducing your time to close by as much as 55%. Decrease the risk of errors and free up valuable time for high level analysis.

Maintain compliance

Use pre-built add-ons to address the regulatory requirements you need, while centralising all corporate data into one source that ensures more efficient regulatory compliance.

Automated reconciliation management

Accelerate your close process with increased transparency by automatically reconciling balance sheets with income statements, as well as using mandatory approval workflows. 

Corporate Performance Management FAQs

Financial CPM is the measure of a business's financial performance against several KPIs or metrics, using data from revenue to costs. 

CPM software allows businesses to gain visibility of their overall financial performance and make strategic decisions based on real-time performance data. 

CPM software best suits medium to enterprise businesses in any industry. 

Yes. The solution is highly configurable to your business requirements.