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Corporate Performance Management Software

Don't just manage it, enhance it with greater strategic focus.

Tools to deliver the insights you need

It is more important than ever for businesses to foresee the unpredictable. A reliance on manual spreadsheets and legacy processes will offer little reassurance as competition gets tougher. 

As a finance leader, it is vital you can generate accurate financial and operational data to produce a real-time performance narrative that highlights opportunities and identifies risks. Our corporate performance management tool from CCH Tagetik will transform the way you manage your data, providing a single source of accurate and reliable information. 

Our CPM software can offer:

  • A single-source data platform
  • Performance and productivity monitoring
  • Financial consolidation and close
  • Accurate, real-time data
  • Complex scenario planning with intelligent data allocation
  • Integrate seamlessly with other operational processes

Rapidly transform your finance function

The right corporate performance management solution can transform your business and finance team, removing the need to purchase and implement separate software and technology for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and other key processes.

Seamless integration

We offer seamless integration with other systems, including Microsoft technologies, to maximise existing IT investments.

Efficient decision making

With greater visibility and communication across multiple processes, decisions can be made quickly and reliably.

Encourage collaboration

Our highly collaborative software allows teams to spend more time analysing data and less time reconciling data and producing reports. 

Transform productivity

Transitional labour-intensive tasks can be automated, eliminating the time between closing and reporing.

Find out how you can discover opportunities with a single source of accurate data

save time with corporate performance management

Get time back

Remove manual, time-consuming finance processes from your performance management.

From strategic and operational planning to disclosure reporting, align financials across your business from multiple books into one unified, real-time source for faster, accurate and compliant analysis

Improve your business intelligence by consistently monitoring your finance processes through visual dashboards. Access full traceability of edits and reporting across multiple currencies and contributors without manual anomalies. Start saving time and ensure your data and narrative are consistent.

unify your processes with corporate performance management

Unify your business processes

Increase operational efficiency and adaptability by integrating finance into your wider business processes including HR, payroll and supply chain. 


One source of expertise and with solutions to fit you, we can seamlessly connect your end-to-end business workflows to optimise financial visibility and security while embracing organisation-wide change.

Corporate Performance Management FAQs

Financial CPM is the measure of a business's financial performance against several KPIs or metrics, using data from revenue to costs. 

CPM software allows businesses to gain visibility of their overall financial performance and make strategic decisions based on real-time performance data. 

CPM software best suits medium to enterprise businesses in any industry. 

Yes. The solution is highly configurable to your business requirements.