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Integrated Systems

Finance without the data wrangling

Upgrade without the headache

Finance teams have to juggle financial planning and analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. That’s a lot of data that needs wrangling. Don’t add to their headache by weighing them down with conflicting systems. Finance from MHR is built to integrate into existing HR and payroll platforms - including our own – letting you grab data from across your business with zero hassle.

That means whether you’re a long-term customer of MHR who wants to bring our finance offerings into the systems you already know, or if you’re brand new and looking to modernise your entire business, we are ideally placed to ensure your finance software is suited to your needs.

We can help you:

  • Get higher data accuracy with real-time data
  • Remove data silos for a faster flow of information from across the company
  • Boost your compliance and cybersecurity
  • Reduce your IT management requirements with a streamlined stack
  • Reduce manual processes and save time

Integrate Finance from MHR with ease

Finance made smarter

Integrate MHR finance into your wider HR solutions and you’ll instantly see a range of benefits, from improved transparency, to more accurate reporting, to a faster close cycle.

Business-wide strategic planning

Make sure your team has the bigger picture. Integrating HR, payroll and finance offers a free-flowing information stream, giving finance leaders the information they need to drive decision making.

Protect your profitability

Boost productivity and ensure your team is making decisions based on accurate information. Effortlessly account for shifts in the market and keep making decisions that will protect your profits.

Boost your compliance with accurate reporting

By integrating finance with your HR and payroll systems, you’ll be using the most up-to-date data possible reducing the risk of errors and ensuring you can meet shifting regulations confidently with accurate reporting.

Reduce manual processes

With less time needed to manually process and validate data from various sources, your finance team can keep their focus on high level analysis.

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Transform processes without compromise

By integrating HR, payroll and finance, you can give your finance team real-time visibility of every financial aspect of your organisation. From people, to purchases, to reporting, your team will be equipped with the vital data they need to react quickly to change and drive efficiencies. Use better data management for an improved understanding of the needs of your business. 

Finance integrated systems, built for the cloud

Built for the cloud

By 2024, 60% of IT spending is predicted to be focused on cloud technologies. Make sure your finance team is part of that trend, or else they’ll be left stuck with a legacy, on-premises system that’ll leave you lagging behind your competition.

MHR’s finance offerings are hosted on Microsoft Azure, meaning you get a cost-effective migration to the cloud, with additional automation and advanced security that’ll keep you safely on the cutting edge.

Finance integrated systems, why MHR?

Why MHR?

We’ve got a 35-year track record of innovation in the HR and payroll sector, and we’re bringing that expertise into the Finance market. We’re not driven by short term gains; we want to give you consultation that'll actually help your business thrive for years to come.