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Don't let your finance management turn in to anger management

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Adapt Quickly, Work Smarter and Generate Greater Results

Do you have the resources, systems and processes in place to fulfil your end-to-end transactional requirements? To diminish unnecessary spreadsheets, siloed data and hours wasted on laborious tasks? All while delivering core objectives, steering decisions and positively impacting organisational success?

If you don’t have the flexibility, resilience and trust you need from your existing finance processes – talk to us about streamlining your accounting and financial management. We have a group of selected partners including Microsoft Dynamics 365, CCH Tagetik, IBM and SAP to provide you with market-leading solutions to support your business objectives.

Financial Planning
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Financial Planning

Operational demands, priorities and conditions can change rapidly – you need the ability and flexibility to amend plans, budgets and reports quickly and make informed decisions in the face of rapidly changing requirements.

A modern financial planning solution can automate key processes, remove manual, laborious tasks and improve visibility of key insights – giving you the ability to make more informed decisions. 

With a solution that encompasses planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and scenario modelling, you can remodel your business quicker than ever before.

Financial Management
Microsoft dynamics finance reporting dashboard overview.

Financial Management

Improve your financial management awareness by consolidating real-time financials from multiple books or sources in to one finance system – creating quicker, more accurate and compliant consolidation and close.

Incorporate a system that aligns your finances across your organisation - where you can track progress through a visual dashboard, validate, reconcile and run calculations in minutes, and report on activity through system audit logs for improved compliance. Generate quick and accurate reports without the usual challenges, no matter how many books, currencies and contributors.

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Driving efficiencies in your finance team

The role of finance has changed, with more requirement now than ever to push digitisation and introduce systems that deliver improved insights, support growth and generate sufficient return on investment. Don’t get held back by your current systems. Centralise your cash flow, budget and processes and stay ahead with smarter finance management from MHR.

Single source of data

Drive business agility with integrated systems that allow seamless access to accurate data that can steer more informed decisions, all from one single source.


Extended planning and analysis (xP&A)

Adopt systems and processes that improve visibility of data and ensure teams can share insights across departments for collaborative decision making.

Automate processes

Remove labour intensive manual tasks by automating key processes – improving accuracy and efficiency and enabling your team to deliver strategic value. 

Improve compliance

Remove manual intervention and automate processes, reducing margin of error and generating full auditing to track actions for improved compliance.

Financial reporting

With improved visibility and intuitive dashboards, you can access real-time performance management insights to support your reporting.

Future proof your systems

Implement systems that can develop and grow with your organisation – with a cloud-based infrastructure you can easily adjust and up-scale as required. 


Finance management or financial accounting is a way to manage your income, outgoings and assets. It generates efficiencies by automating processes and manual tasks, improves accuracy and enables you to make more informed decisions – all with the accountability and traceability required for audit and compliance.

We have finance software and solutions that can cater for any organisation. From small business accounting systems to large multi-national set ups, contact us today to find the most suitable company finance software to suit you. 

Our recent research highlights how finance teams are all too-often weighed down with manual, time-consuming tasks – preventing them from making a real impact with strategic insights. The right finance software can avoid these problems, allowing your team to generate quicker and more accurate insights and plan for the future.

Our finance solutions can cater for any type of organisation, no matter how complex or specific their individual needs. No matter whether you’re searching for an accounting solution for a government agency, small business accounting and finance software, or something to that accommodates a large multi-national corporation, we advise on the best solution to support your business.

The cost for a financial management solution varies depending on individual business requirements, to consider factors such as organisation size, complexities and the level of support required. 

Get in touch with our experts today for a bespoke quote that meets your exact needs.

With a cloud-based finance system, you have the security reassurance for any sensitive data thanks to the easy to implement controls and measures. You can control who can access information and data, at what level and generate a detailed audit trail of any activity in the system.