Workforce Management

Workforce management

Solutions that work hard so you don’t have to

Your workforce is at the heart of your company

Plan, manage and engage your employees effectively to boost your organisation's productivity and growth.

With the help of our workforce management software, administrative tasks like Time and Attendance, flexi and TOIL can be automated and streamlined. From perfecting rosters based on employee suitability and streamlining clocking-in and out, to analytically measuring your absences, you can efficiently plan and manage the entire process in one central place.

Your team will have more time to focus on business-critical tasks, and you employees will remain focused and efficient.

We can help you with:

  • Controlling workforce costs and automating tedious administrative tasks

  • Simplifying the process of creating staffing schedules to quickly produce cost-effective rosters

  • Giving employees the ability to clock-in and out on the move with data that flows straight into payroll

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Workforce management made easy

Our Workforce Management tools can support your organisation with rostering, automating timesheets, managing absence, and processing flexitime and TOIL to help you increase productivity, reduce admin and find cost-efficiencies that support your organisation’s growth objectives.

Track time and attendance

Control, maintain and monitor your employees while capturing essential information. Eliminate the need for manual timesheets and reduce the risk of human error all within a single system

Improve employee absence handling

Our absence calendar provides management and analysis of your employees in a single view. Automate your absence processes and ensure roster information is linked with your payroll for accurate pay and attendance data

Streamline pay calculations

Automate pay calculations to instantly convert inputted hours worked and send the information straight to payroll

Simplify clocking-in and out

Using employee self-service or chatbots, employees can clock-in and out on their mobiles when they’re offsite, with geo-location features to keep them safe, or we can integrate with clock-in hardware

Reduce your HR admin

Our digital assistant technology allows employees to request holidays, submit expenses, and ask questions all from their mobile phone, reducing the burden on HR teams and improving the employee experience

Clarify your rostering process

Rostering calculates all your employee information, such as people’s work patterns, their skills and availability

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iTrent Workforce Management

iTrent Workforce Management

Did you know that 54% of managers still use paper processes? Reduce yours with our simple and highly configurable workforce solutions. 

Streamline your absence management process including the introduction of flexi time and TOIL to complement existing holiday allowances. It’s easily available within iTrent's self-service portal, any time and any where. What's more iTrent automatically provides the information to payroll, saving you time and resources.

Workforce Management

People First Workforce Management

Give employees the flexibility to have control over their working day, while still meeting compliance and organisational responsibilities.

People First’s solution delivers a streamlined digital experience for recording time and attendance, no matter where employees are based. Remote workers remain connected to their organisation with the app, providing the ability to clock-in wherever they are while geo-tracking records their location for health and safety reassurance.

People First Workforce Management

Solutions for your team

Workforce Management solutions vary, so it is important to identify your organisation’s objectives to find the right tools to help you reach them. The best workforce management solutions form part of a wider HR and payroll system for seamless, automated data flow. It’s important to consider your wider strategy to find a system that can support you now and in the future.

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Improve Absence Management

High volume of irregular short absences are harder to recognise and disruptive to businesses so our absence management solutions provide automated notifications when an employee reaches a potentially concerning attendance score. The calculations and high trend reports ensure you are on top of persistent absenteeism, so you can act when you need to.