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What exactly is an HR chatbot and how can it help you?

Chatbots for HR services provide an easy way to for you and your employees to find out what you need when you aren't familiar with a system or website. Organisations can save significant time and money by freeing teams from repetitive tasks and questions.

Conversational and interactive chatbots are integrated into our HR and payroll platforms, but their abilities don't end there. We've applied this expertise to a whole host of applications to support your needs. Your HR chatbot can be your ally when it comes to managing recruitment, tackling FAQs, and qualifying leads on websites.

Find out more below about HR chatbots:

  • The benefits of chatbots for your business and how easy they are to use.
  • Chatbot HR examples we can build for you, even if you don't use our platforms.
  • How our digital assistants integrate with iTrent and People First


What are the benefits of chatbots?

The best HR chatbots offer a range of functionalities. We've built employee management systems with chatbots for pension FAQs, booking time off and organising meetings at convenient times. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some advantages of delegating your often time-consuming tasks:

Simple interaction

If a user can figure out WhatsApp, they can use a chatbot. Requests are made in simple, conversational language and the information is immediately retrieved.

Accessible anywhere

You can access our chatbots through our software, mobile apps, or even within the chat services your team uses every day, such as Slack or Teams. This ensures that critical information is always at your fingertips.

Saving time

With an HR helpdesk chatbot, you can reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks and free up your HR team for more added-value activities. Interactions with sites or forms can be simplified by the ability to have a conversation with a chatbot. When you don't know who to go to, you can simply take your questions to your handy HR chatbot! 

Single source of information

A chatbot can become the single source of information on any subject, finding what you need from across disparate systems or departments. It can respond to questions with instant answers, saving you even more time. When necessary, the bot can still hand over the query to a real person.

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iTrent chatbot

iTrent digital assistant

Our award-winning HR operations chatbot from iTrent allows employees to book holidays, arrange check-ins, and set priorities for their day. From wherever they are in the world, they can even speedily and efficiently complete their expenses using their phone's camera. The iTrent HR chatbot platform helps your HR team cut down on time spent using spreadsheets by automating these processes. The result? You reclaim your time and get to spend it more productively!

The iTrent digital assistant is fully integrated into your HR and payroll platform/ It delivers a new standard in employee self-service that helps your people effectively manager information. 

It's as simple as sending a text!

HR management chatbot FAQs

HR chatbots have been helping businesses like yours for the last few decades. However, since Covid-19 first raised its head, the number of businesses who now allow remote working has increased. This makes demand for a chatbot for HR services more pressing than ever.  

If you're looking for a simple solution that will save you time and boost employee productivity, then this could be the answer you've been looking for.

When you choose MHR's automated HR system with chatbot capabilities, you'll be integrating a whole host of tools that can help with the operational management of your business. You'll find this enables you to work more efficiently and accurately, whilst cutting operational costs.

In a digital age, online security is more important than ever. Featuring robust mechanisms for data protection, disaster recovery, compliance, and assurance (including SOC2, ISO9001, and ISO27001), as well as monitoring and support, you can rest assured that when you choose MHR for your HR chatbot services, your business' data is safely secured.

We created our HR chatbot platform by maximising over 35 years of experience in building streamlined HR systems. We have designed integrated systems and ERP for over 1,400 companies now. Our clients range from SMEs to large multi-national corporations. Thanks to our success, we've achieved a 98% customer loyalty rate!

We've identified the most time-consuming HR tasks and designed our chatbot services to revolutionise the HR industry and improve the way modern businesses work. 

We understand that no business model is the same and neither are the employees. This is why all our automated HR systems can be custom-built to suit your needs. Harnessing the power of AI and automation, you'll discover why so many businesses now employ our services.

For more information or for a free demo, get in touch with us today and we'll discuss the particulars of your HR AI chatbot requirements.

Our chatbot HR management tools are bespoke to your own business needs so each service will have its own unique cost. The beauty of this is that our services can be scaled up or down depending on your budget. Companies using chatbots in HR can essentially start from scratch, or they can set them up to complement their current system.

You can start using the iTrent or People First chatbot as an extension of your HR and payroll software today. 

In addition, we offer a whole range of additional services that can be included. This may be perfect for you if you have a generous budget and want to give your business processes a complete makeover.

No, they aren't. Our HR chatbot platforms are suitable for HR departments in all industries. As long as you want to save your department time, out HR chatbots could be the solution you need. 

We've always taken pride in the range of industries we're able to assist. Clients of ours include Devon City Council, Hugh James, and Queen's University Belfast. Whether you're in banking or retail, and anywhere in between, we can help you!

As with other chatbots, an AI HR chatbot is algorithmically informed. This can save your department a lot of time because the chatbot has already been fed by your company's policies, handbooks, and procedures. Gone are the days of leafing through a lengthy PDF yourself to find the answer to one simple query - your chatbot can give you the answer within seconds!