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iTrent People Analytics Platform

Track, analyse, adapt: unlock the full potential of your People Data

Transform raw HR data into strategic gold

Data is the heart of your business. But to maximise its value, you need the right analytics software. This is where iTrent People Analytics Platform can help.

Our cloud-based analytics tools allow you to extract key HR data, combine it with data from across your organisation, and turn it into powerful insights that drive success. 

iTrent People Analytics Platform is a single, instantly deployable framework and model. It enables you to track performance with ease, understand trends before they unfold, and drive smarter decision-making across all levels of your business.

Benefits of iTrent People Analytics Platform

iTrent's HR and payroll solution captures your business data. With iTrent People Analytics Platform, that data becomes a strategic asset that you can use to inform your decisions. Here's how it works:

Driver smarter strategy

By combining people data with information from across your organisation, HR transforms from an administrative function to a major driver of strategy. Making your board reporting and budget forecasting easier.

Become proactive

You can track KPIs, pinpoint costs, assess risks, and produce legislative reports all in one place. Armed with these insights, you'll become proactive in your decision-making rather than reactive.

HR’s value as a data powerhouse

Provide compelling evidence of how people impact organisational success. Reshape recruitment and retention policies to match business needs. Share your findings through compelling visualisations via Power BI or another BI tool of your choice to keep business leaders in the loop.

Maximise ROI on your people data

No longer waste investment on Business Intelligence tools that keep your data siloed and sitting idly in your HR system. Put it to work for maximum organisational value through tracking, analytics, and planning tools.

Leverage powerful data visualisation tools

Gain real-time snapshots of organisational performance thanks to powerful data visualisations, making insights easier to understand, interpret, and communicate. 

Faster to deploy, easy to use

Creating a platform to utilise HR data is a daunting task for many organisations. Having to extract vast qualities of HR data was difficult to contemplate. Not anymore. With our cloud-based people analytics software, you'll be up and running in a matter of hours. 

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Absence Analytics Dashboard

The People Analytics Data Model

iTrent People Analytics Platform is built around a central data model. This gives you the ability to perform a variety of tasks without the normal demand on time and resources. 

So whether you need to access and analyse large data sets held in iTrent, feed that data into your data warehouse, or pull your data into a third-party visualisation tool, you can do it quickly, easily, and at scale with iTrent People Analytics Platform.

People Analytics Dashboard

HR analytics

Our pre-built people analytics tools cover all the key HR metrics you need to understand and report on your workforce. With People, Absence and Gender Pay Gap dashboards, all the information you need is at your fingertips.

You can easily identify flight risks, highlight high-performing employees, drill down into employee turnover, and complete regulatory reports using accurate, real-time data.

Payroll Analytics Dashboard

Payroll and finance analytics

Gain a clear picture of historical trends and model future scenarios with our finance-based applications. Encompassing Salary Modelling and Payroll, you have all the insights you need to make smarter financial decisions. 

With payroll and finance analytics you can:

  • Create plans, budgets, and forecast up to 20 years in advance.
  • Calculate the cost of sick pay and your monthly benefits package.
  • Import data from other business areas for a more collaborative approach to decision-making. 

Image of Salary Modelling Discussion

Bespoke applications

We designed our pre-built applications to focus on the most important HR, payroll, and finance metrics. But we are constantly developing our people analytics tools to meet our customers' changing needs. 

If you're looking to report on something more specific, we can work with you through our data consultancy services to develop bespoke applications that meet your individual requirements.

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iTrent People Analytics Platform FAQs

Payroll data can be a powerful driver of strategic change. For example, you can use payroll-related insights to help make smarter decisions around workforce planning, cost management, performance management, and your benefits policy.

HR analytics can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to employee engagement, performance management, talent acquisition, and workforce planning. You can also use it to better understand important trends relating to absence, demographics, and diversity and inclusion.

Financial analytics provides insights into a range of important areas, including financial performance, the financial impact of key strategies and decisions, the ROI of technology, and workforce-related costs. These insights can help you build smarter budgets, forecasts, and strategies.

Predictive analytics aims to make accurate predictions about future trends or events. Using statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques, predictive analytics spots patterns in data and then uses those patterns to make predictions about the future. For example, salary modelling uses historical payroll data to model the impact of salary-related changes.

While there is some overlap between these two areas of analysis, there are also key differences. As the name suggests, financial analytics uses fiscal data to analyse the financial health of a business. Business analytics, on the other hand, is a much broader field designed to understand business performance, including financial data, customer data, and operational data. 

People analytics, also known as HR analytics, is a branch of analytics that focuses on deriving insights from employee data. These insights cover areas such as employee engagement, absence and attendance, succession planning, and performance management.

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