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iTrent People Analytics Platform

Track, analyse, adapt: unlock the full potential of your People Data

Transform your underused HR data into strategic gold 

Too often, people data is locked into a HR and payroll system, with no easy way of putting it to work. iTrent People Analytics Platform is a single, instantly deployable framework and model, allowing you to extract key HR data, easily view key insights, combine it with data from across the organisation in your analysis and realise its core strategic value. 

With our out-of-the-box solutions, you can finally track performance with ease, plan for what’s ahead and generate insights to enrich decision-making right across your organisation.

At a glance 

  • Powerful, self-service analytics for all iTrent users 
  • A cloud-based solution that takes just hours to deploy 
  • Integrates with your BI tools for joined-up decision making
  • Executive dashboard for tracking, analysis and sharing insights
  • Salary modelling starter pack for forecasting people costs


iTrent’s HR and payroll solutions harness large volumes of data. Far from being a by-product, this data is a valuable strategic asset, so long as you have the ability to use it.

Driver of strategy

In areas such as board reporting and budget forecasting, once you combine people data with data from across the wider business, HR is transformed from being an admin function into a major driver of strategy. 

Insights at your fingertips

Track KPIs, pinpoint costs and assess risks, all in one place. This will enable you to become proactive in your approach rather than reacting when something within the organisation occurs. 

HR’s value as a data powerhouse

Provide compelling evidence of how people impact organisational success. Reshape recruitment and retention policies to match business needs. Share your findings through compelling visualisations via Power BI or another BI tool of your choice to keep business leaders in the loop.

Maximise ROI on existing tech investments

Data sitting idly in your HR system along with wasted investment on Business Intelligence tools represents a huge wasted opportunity cost. Put it to work for the purposes of tracking, analytics and planning for maximum value. 

A clearer picture of performance

Get an immediate, joined-up picture of organisational performance with visualisations that make your data easy to understand, interpret and communicate to make key business changes.  

Big change - without a big IT headache

For many organisations, creating a platform or data mart to utilise or extract vast quantities of HR data was too difficult a task to contemplate. Not anymore. Our cloud-based model for iTrent can be configured in hours and deployed instantly. 

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Absence Analytics Dashboard

The Absence Analytics Application

Absence data can be the key to highlighting flight risks and can help to identify the attributes of high-performing employees. With Absence Analytics you can unlock these insights to better understand your employees.

These kinds of insights can be used to improve your company's culture, implement strategies to improve work-life balance and help understand how your employees feel about the company.

People Analytics Dashboard

The People Analytics Application

The first of four applications in the People Analytics Platform is People Analytics. You'll be able to use this application to drill down into your people data so you can analyse trends and track your KPIs. 

You'll be able to see which managers have high employee turnover, understand the generation and gender breakdown of your workforce, analyse the organisations overall salary costs and much more. All the information you need to make strategic decisions right at your fingertips.

Payroll Analytics Dashboard

The Payroll Analytics Application

With Payroll Analytics you'll be able to pull all your payroll data from iTrent into a dashboard, with no need to worry about the burden of monthly data collection.

Use the dashboard to view the cost of sickness pay across the business or understand the cost of benefits on a monthly basis. Payroll Analytics allows you to get under the skin of your payroll data, to better understand your workforce costs.

Image of Salary Modelling Discussion

iTrent Salary Modelling

Built in IBM Planning Analytics, iTrent Salary Modelling is designed to help you with financial planning and the modelling of people costs. This can range from salary, maternity and pensions costs to scenario modelling for budgeting.

Many organisations still use Excel to carry out their planning, but this can lead to inaccurate data and countless hours wasted on changing and updating multiple spreadsheets held in different locations. With iTrent Salary Modelling, all your financial planning and modelling is in one place and with the data pulled straight from iTrent, you'll have confidence that it is accurate and up-to-date.

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