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Payroll and HR Data Security with iTrent Shield

Increase the protection of your sensitive employee HR and payroll data.

Enhance employee and payroll data security in your system to keep your business ahead of ever-changing threats

HR and Payroll systems are often a target of cyber-attacks as they hold large volumes of sensitive employee and payroll data. It is therefore imperative that these systems have robust security controls in place to effectively protect this data.

iTrent Shield helps you avoid the risks of a data breach which can damage your brand and reputation as well as employee trust.

As an employee data security solution, iTrent Shield is designed to provide additional levels to your system to ensure and enhance its overall security.

iTrent Shield can support you:

  • Enhance overall security of your HR and payroll system
  • Protect your businesses from the financial and reputational damage that malicious attacks and breaches lead to
  • Protect your employee salary payments from being diverted
  • Give your workforce flexibility and secure access from anywhere with multi-factor authentication  
  • Demonstrate your commitment to meeting regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Ensure that your employees trust you with their sensitive data

iTrent Shield

iTrent Shield incorporates enhanced security features to protect against malicious cyber-attacks, by either stopping these before they occur or detecting an attack while it's taking place.

Reduce risk

Multi-Factor Authentication reduces the risk of unauthorised users accessing your HR and payroll system, sensitive data being stolen or employee salary payments being diverted.

Access your system from anywhere

Multi-Factor Authentication enables you to safely provide access to your HR and payroll system from anywhere and reduces the need for employees to use corporate secure remote access solutions.

Detect security threats

User Behaviour Analytics in iTrent Shield enables you to proactively identify suspicious behaviour and take appropriate action, preventing larger damage from happening to your business.

Ensure compliance

User Behaviour Analytics provides greater assurance over the security of staff working remotely, and ensure your organisation meets higher internal or regulatory compliance requirements.

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iTrent Shield MFA on a mobile and laptop

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With many employees now working remotely, you could be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

MFA in iTrent Shield adds extra, essential security for your users by requiring an additional verification check on login ('two-factor authentication). As well as a username and password, users must enter a six-digit code sent to their phone to validate who they are. This helps to protect against attacks where a user's password is guessed or obtained through a phishing email. 

View the technical solution sheet for more information about technical architecture, integration, and data protection.

iTrent Shielf UBA software on laptop

User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)

Would you know if one of your employee’s iTrent accounts was being used by a malicious actor, or if one of your employees was stealing data?

In a first for the HR and Payroll sector, our UBA solution uses an algorithm to identify and send alerts about user accounts that may have been compromised by hackers or trusted staff undertaking fraudulent actions. This allows organisations to quickly identify and stop malicious activity before it results in sensitive data being leaked or employee salary payments diverted.