Law recruitment


Supporting you to improve recruitment, retention and time management.

Reputation is everything in the legal sector

The success of your firm depends on your talent and the trust of your clients, making it essential that you recruit and retain the people who will provide the expertise and service your clients demand.

Choosing a specialist HR and payroll system will help you take good care of your employees while managing their time effectively, so they can support your firm and its clients.

Our range of software and services can help protect you from compliance risks and support your firm’s success with a unified solution for HR, payroll and business intelligence.

We can help you with:

  • Streamlining your recruitment processes to help you find the talent you need
  • Ensuring you’re always compliant and your data is secure
  • Ways to motivate your team to improve productivity and retention

HR and payroll to meet the challenges you face

Staying competitive means focusing your resources on building great client relationships and developing a talented team. A dedicated HR and payroll solution is essential to both so you can effectively support your people. That’s where we can help with:

Enhance recruitment

Maximise your people investment by improving your recruitment processes, including sourcing high quality candidates, background checking, screening and on-boarding new employees.

Improve retention

The trust within your valuable client relationships can be lost in a heartbeat if your finest minds jump ship to your competitors. Our sophisticated HR and payroll software helps to show you value their time by removing time-consuming manual record-keeping.

Monitor performance

Maximise the contribution of your key people with performance and training functionality. This extends well beyond dated performance evaluations, and includes evaluations to reveal skill and knowledge gaps where training is needed.

Harness your data

Your law firm needs to be as efficient as possible, and analysing your workforce data plays a vital role in ensuring your people’s time and skills are being used to best effect.

Automate everyday tasks

Not only will everyone be paid accurately and on time, every time, it also enables you to easily manage absence, holidays and timesheets. With payslips and expenses managed through self-service on any mobile device, with automatic reporting built in, you’ll save even more time.

Provide personal assistants

Enjoy time and resources right across your firm with our chatbot technology which removes laborious admin. Our mobile personal assistant gives your people anytime, anywhere access to their HR answers.

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Improve HR decisions

Unlock the value of your people

Your people are your defining asset. If you’re lucky enough to have some of the key players in your firm, then you'd better hold on to them.

The demanding environment of the legal sector can make it challenging to find time to focus on your workforce, but their positive development and engagement is vital. With our HR platforms, collaboration is easy so you can check-in with your employees and ensure they have what they need to excel.

Our HR platforms feature employee self-service and chatbots, allowing your people to update their records, access payslips, request holidays or even clock-in when they’re spread out across multiple sites - with the information running straight into payroll.


One system to support you

MHR’s iTrent is a fully integrated HR and payroll system that keeps vital data central and secure. As an official technology partner of Thomson Reuters Elite 3E, iTrent can also connect seamlessly to 3E.

With one unified system, you’ll get better insight in to how your firm operates, workflows will be simplified and you can be confident that data is consistent.