Tablet with iTrent Shield home screen showing a login, securing your system.

Payroll and HR Data Security with iTrent Shield

Increase protection of sensitive employee data and reduce cyber security threats.

Enhance the security of employee data and keep ahead of ever-changing cyber threats

HR and payroll systems, with large volumes of sensitive employee data, are often the target of cyber attacks. Therefore, it is imperative your online HR systems employ robust security controls to protect your employees’ data.

Our innovative iTrent Shield helps you avoid potential data breaches which not only damage your brand and reputation but undermine employee trust. By providing additional levels of data security, iTrent Shield will ensure your business stays protected.

Enhance data security with iTrent Shield: 


As an industry-leading online data security system, our iTrent Shield platform helps you to:

  • Enhance overall security of your human resource software
  • Protect your business from the financial and reputational damage of malicious cyber security threats and attacks
  • Protect employee salary payments from being diverted
  • Give your workforce flexibility and secure access from anywhere through multifactor authentication
  • Demonstrate your commitment to meeting regulatory and compliance requirements 
  • Build employee trust through robust data and cyber security management

What makes iTrent Shield superior when it comes to cyber security threats?

iTrent Shield incorporates enhanced data security features to protect against cyber attacks by stopping cyber security threats before they occur or detecting and alerting you about an imminent attack while it is taking place.

Reduce risk

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) reduces the risk of unauthorised users accessing your system, data being stolen or payments being diverted. MFA enables secure access to iTrent from anywhere while reducing the need to use corporate secure remote access solutions.

Protect your system from cyber-crime

Advanced Anti-malware scans every document coming into iTrent using sandboxing technology to provide greater protection from 'zero-day' threats without impacting productivity.

Detect security threats

User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) in iTrent Shield enables you to proactively identify suspicious behaviour and take appropriate, preventative action – before it’s too late. By analysing patterns of human behaviour, we’ll investigate any anomalies that could be seen as suspicious.

Ensure compliance

UBA provides greater assurance around the security of staff working remotely and ensures your organisation meets higher internal and regulatory compliance requirements – all thanks to our SAAS and SAP cloud security solutions.

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A man holding his phone with the Multi-Factor Authentication tick coming out of his phone ensuring his access is secure.

What is Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

With many employees now working remotely, your business is more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

MFA in iTrent Shield adds additional, essential security for users by requiring an additional verification check on logging in ('two-factor authentication'). As well as a username and password, users must enter a six-digit code sent to their phone to validate their identity. This helps protect against attacks where a user's password is guessed or obtained through a phishing email.

View our solutions sheet for more information about technical architecture, integration, data protection and − most importantly − how you can stay protected.

Folder containing sensitive files with a secure lock around them, showing how user behaviour analytics can protect your data.

How can User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) protect your business?

Would you know if one of your iTrent accounts was being used maliciously by someone outside the organisation, or if one of your employees was stealing data?

In a first for the HR and Payroll sector, our UBA solution uses advanced algorithms to identify and alert you when user accounts may have been compromised by hackers or by employees undertaking fraudulent activities.

A key facet of your cyber security strategy, UBA allows you to quickly identify and stop malicious activity in its tracks − before sensitive data is leaked or employee salary payments are diverted.

Folder of document with files coming out, the lock and key has been opened by a bug, showing how important advanced anti-malware is.

How does Advanced Anti-Malware prevent cyber-crime?

The global rise in cyber-crime has left businesses more exposed than ever. The risk is greater, and so are the consequences.

Advanced Anti-malware can identify even the most sophisticated and unique malicious content that would not be spotted by a regular signature-based Anti-malware solution. All documents are taken into a sandbox environment where any links or attachments are executed in a safe environment to analyse their behaviour. Any red flags are immediately sent to quarantine.

A must-have for any business with lots of sensitive data. Read more about the benefits of Anti-malware in the solution sheet below.

Data Security FAQs

Rather than spending time manually carrying out administrative tasks, such as payroll, an online HR software like iTrent allows you to have access to a single platform to manage all your HR, payroll, talent, and workforce management data. This saves you time and money and reduces the risk of manual errors.

However, as everything is in one place, data security is of the utmost importance. That’s why we developed iTrent Shield. Fortified with additional security measures such as Multi-Factor Authentication and User Behaviour Analytics, you can ensure your employee data is protected around the clock.

Without the stringent security that our iTrent and iTrent Shield platforms provide, your business could face cyber security threats and attacks. 

iTrent has been developed with data security in mind. Every field of data within iTrent can be tailored down to the user level, meaning that you always have control of who can access what. By limiting the number of employees with access to sensitive information, you are far less likely to fall victim to a cyber attack or dishonest activity from within your organisation.

For an additional layer of security, iTrent Shield uses the latest technology and algorithms to add MFA and UBA to your system. As well as requiring a two-step login process, iTrent Shield monitors your online HR system in real time to detect cyber security threats and attacks before they happen.

Yes, it is. As well as tailored user access, MFA and UBA, your employees’ data is protected in our very own state-of-the-art data centres. With ISO27001, ISO9001 and SOC2 certifications as standard, your data is safe from cyber security threats and attacks.

As the resident experts in cloud-based human resources software and data security, we’ve been helping businesses like yours for over 30 years to streamline their payroll systems and minimise cyber security threats.

We understand that payroll can be complex and time consuming, so we’ve been working with businesses like yours to not only streamline the process saving hours and money but to reduce manual errors and enhance security.

Our cloud-hosted software systems give you control of your payroll in a single platform so you can manage your payroll quickly, easily, and securely. Enhanced with heightened security features like MFA and UBA, with us you can be confident that your employees’ data is in safe hands.