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Octavia provides quality, affordable, sustainable, and well-managed homes in diverse neighbourhoods. They required a learning management system to support all learning styles.


Octavia's previous learning management system was outdated and didn’t support all learning styles. They needed an easy-to-use, customised LMS with gamification elements to engage their diverse workforce and enhance the learning experience.

The learning management system needed to have remote learning options as two thirds of their workforce is remote.


iTrent’s Learning Management System was both user-friendly and engaging. After delivering a customised solution, users could access important functions and learning stats at a glance.

Gamification was key to the LMS build, so users could enjoy the learning and competitive element. A selection of ‘badges’ was included into the LMS, users can collect these when achieving certain milestones.

Online learning now accounts for 10% of Octacia’s ongoing employee training, meaning the e-learning content bundles were a must.

Benefits Octavia saw:

  • Significant saving through having training modules in-house.
  • An engaging and interactive system.
  • Support for increased drive for compliance.
  • Accessible on different devices.
  • Multiple learning styles depending on employee preferences.
  • Employee technical and soft skills development support.