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Amtico had been using dispersed systems for payroll, HR and their learning management system (LMS). Due to their HR system being discontinued, they urgently needed to go to tender.


Amtico’s legacy system was no longer meeting the company’s needs, they desired a fully integrated HR, Payroll and LMS system that would automate processes.

They needed an easy-to-use platform which would reduce HR and payroll tasks and remove the chance of duplication and unnecessary employee queries.


By implementing iTrent, Amtico found the smooth and efficient processes were well received by employees and managers, the easy-to-use platform allowed employees to use the self-service functionality which improved access to pay information.

Amtico replaced repetitive manual processes with automated workflows, saving time for management to concentrate on reporting and information projects.

Benefits Amtico saw:

  • Positive implementation process
  • User friendly and easy to use experience.
  • Significant time savings across departments.
  • Reduction in pay queries due to improved access to pay information.
  • Automation of processes.
  • Fully integration HR, payroll and learning system.