21 January 2022

iTrent integrations deliver additional value to MHR customers

iTrent and partners GBG, Broadbean, Wagestream, Grosvenor Technology

At MHR we’re heavily focused on innovation and delivering systems that meet the needs of customers now and in the future. With a 98% customer retention rate it’s probably fair to say we’re getting it right.

We have a growing portfolio that facilitates change and drives growth in HR, Payroll and Finance. As well as introducing new products, like People First, we continue to invest in our flagship solution, iTrent.

iTrent, our award-winning HR and Payroll software, supports organisational needs regardless of industry, sector, company size or complexity. Over the years, our product team has developed, redeveloped and fine-tuned iTrent to provide reliable, secure and legislation compliant solutions to our large and varied customer base. It‘s renowned for ‘doing the job and doing it well’ – a well-established, solid, trusted solution.

However, that’s not the whole story. 

Continuous development

We continue developing products to make our customers’ lives easier – products that simplify processes, save time and money while supporting organisational change. And, particularly in these challenging times, we want to help our customers build both organisational and individual resilience and prepare effectively for the future. Customer feedback is critical to product development and improvements.  

Additional functionality within iTrent such as Workforce Management, Recruitment and our HR Chatbot supports customers in remaining flexible as they combat challenges such as hybrid working and manage business growth. To complement iTrent, we’ve introduced modules such as iTrent Salary Modelling and iTrent Shield – additional functionality designed to really maximise customers’ HR and Payroll software investment. iTrent Salary Modelling is a forecasting tool that helps organisational planning for even the most complex pay structures. iTrent Shield provides additional, enhanced levels of security to your systems to defend against cyberattacks.

Working with partners

As much as we’d like to, we can’t do everything. We recognise the benefits of providing a platform that integrates with other software solutions. We have a growing number of partners whose products integrate with iTrent, to deliver customisable solutions to customers to help them meet their business objectives. We look to partner with best of breed solution providers to deliver our market-leading functionality.

Expanding our range of integrations sees us working with key business partners in several areas including wellbeing, recruitment, workforce management and digital document management.

This means customers not only benefit from our HR and Payroll solution, but they’re also able to tap into additional integrated offerings such as WagestreamBroadbeanGrosvenor Technology, iTrent Document Manager and our LMS (powered by Docebo). These integrations not only enhance user functionality, but they ensure users maintain a single source of data. The seamless feed of information minimises admin work which HR, Payroll and Finance teams need to manage.

Some specifics…

Wagestream supports organisations whose employees need to access their pay at times outside the regular pay cycle. They also offer financial information and advice to support financial wellbeing, a key employee concern is some sectors. 

Broadbean is a global leader in job distribution, posting and job board analytics. The multi posting solution seamlessly integrates with iTrent to post jobs in bulk, saving time for recruiters by removing the need to post manually. Broadbean streamlines the process and provides reporting tools so recruiters can leverage higher performing channels.

iTrent Document Manager has been a gamechanger for organisations needing to consolidate and streamline onerous paperwork-based admin tasks. It’s saved time and money, freed-up office space and provided additional layers of security for sensitive documentation and records.

Our LMS through Docebo operates outside the limitations of formal training by bringing social learning and content curation into an LMS that drives productivity. It takes the guesswork out of employee upskilling and reskilling with automated, personalised learning that adjusts to align employee learning needs with business needs. So, as the employee grows and develops, so does the organisation.

Grosvenor Technology HCM terminals integrate with iTrent’s paid, flexi-time and rostering modules, automating work patterns, resulting in streamlined, simplified time-saving processes. Long manual processes – often prone to error – are confined to history.

Around 60% of mileage expense claims are inaccurate. iTrent’s integration with GBG fixes that, saving time, money (the organisation’s and employee’s), reducing paperwork and speeding up expense reimbursements along the way. Postcode validation functionality records journey start and finish locations precisely. Multiple claims can be submitted in one go. The expansion into bank detail verification services has several benefits including supporting onboarding, ensuring employees are paid correctly and preventing fraud. Read more about our partnership here.

Supporting business growth

Regardless of how many external solutions are integrated with iTrent customers’ HR and payroll data stays in one central place. 

Providing customers with broader solutions by adding functionality via third party solutions is a critical objective for us. As we continue to develop iTrent we will look to other potential partnerships to add additional value. Our goal is to continue making our customers lives easier – to save them time and money while providing tools to drive growth, manage processes and plan strategically.

To find out more about how iTrent can help you make the most of your HR and payroll, click here.

Simon Wooldridge, Content Writer, MHR

Simon Wooldridge

Simon is a content writer at MHR.

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