Wagestream Partners with MHR


Unlock the benefits of earned wage access for your employees

An astounding seven in ten of the UK’s working population are ‘chronically broke’*

Financial wellness amongst employees has proven to increase productivity through reduced financial distraction at work. Building a culture of financial resilience starts with empowering your workforce with the right tools and guidance.

No additional resources are required for iTrent users, allowing you to reduce financial stress in your workplace and increase focus and productivity quickly.

*The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

iTrent customers can activate Wagestream in one week: providing your employees access to a financial wellbeing platform, allowing employees to:

  • Access a proportion of their earned wages at any time
  • Track their wages in real-time
  • Access financial education tools
  • Save directly from their salary
Wagestream partner with MHR

What are the benefits?

Together, iTrent and Wagestream will improve employee financial wellbeing:

  • Transform your employees’ long-term financial wellbeing - 86% of Wagestream users said they felt less stressed through the Covid-19 period because of Wagestream  
  • Take control of financial stress - Wagestream integrates seamlessly with iTrent so that existing users can switch it on without additional resources  
  • Slash recruitment costs and keep people longer – research has shown that employers who use Wagestream reduced staff turnover by 16%  
  • Access to earned wages reduces the pay day gap – research shows this can significantly accelerate the take-up of overtime, therefore removing the additional hassle and cost of filling shifts

Wagestream partner with MHR

Seamless setup and easy access

Wagestream is an FCA and ICO-compliant cloud-based service. The integration between iTrent and Wagestream allows for seamless setup and data flow of staff and salary information, with no impact on your current payroll processes. Employees access Wagestream through an easy-to-use app that provides full access to the suite of financial wellbeing tools.

The tools enable employees to track, save and stream their money and learn practical tips about money management and their long-time financial position.