Wagestream Partners with MHR


Increase the financial resiliency of your workforce and unlock the benefits of earned wage access

Are you supporting your employees with their financial education? 

Unfortunately, there is a lack of financial wellbeing in workforces. Many employees are in danger of falling into debt between pay cycles, with 35% of workers having less than one month’s income saved.  

Wagestream is Europe’s fastest-growing financial wellbeing provider. Backed by social impact charities with a social purpose, Wagestream provides a range of smart budgeting and educational tools and flexible pay options to their network of over 700,000 users. 

Understand the impact of financial stress on your business 

Our partnership with Wagestream can help you: 

  • Improve wellbeing and the employee experience 

  • Boost engagement  

  • Speed up recruitment 

  • Reduce absenteeism and employee attrition 

  • Decrease employee payroll queries

  • Drive productivity 

Why is financial wellbeing so important?

Wellbeing is a key element of an engaged, productive workforce. The financial aspect of wellbeing is critical to any company’s wellbeing offering.

Danger of falling into debt

50% of workers in the UK run out of money before payday due to the monthly pay cycle

Poor understanding of finances

39% of adults do not feel confident managing their money

Lack of financial education

70% of employees are looking for some form of help from their employer to improve their financial situation

Lack of financial resilience through savings

50% of households don’t have £250 in savings

Want to see how iTrent's integration with Wagestream can benefit your organisation?

Wagestream partner with MHR

Quick and seamless integration

iTrent customers can activate Wagestream within a week, giving them access to an employer portal to track & manage employees' financial wellbeing.

The integration between iTrent and Wagestream allows for seamless setup and data flow of staff and salary information, with no impact on your current payroll processes.

Wagestream partner with MHR

Measure ongoing success with the employer portal

The success of the platform is proven by measurable results, accessed in real-time through the employer portal​. This includes:

  • Anonymised, aggregated data to track employee financial health and improvement over time: ​
  • Employee management​
  • Retention & recruitment metrics​
  • Employee adoption​
  • Health check/financial wellbeing scores across demographics​
  • Topics of interest within Coach ​

Wagestream and iTrent partnership

24/7 access for employees

Employees access Wagestream through an easy-to-use app that provides full access to the suite of financial wellbeing tools.

The tools enable employees to track, save and stream their money and learn practical tips about money management, budgeting and their long-time financial position. 


Wagestream is an FCA and ICO-compliant cloud-based service. It is also ISO27001 Certified.

We often find flexible pay options are very popular within industries with shift workers, but there is proven impact for employees across all industry verticals.

The app is available in global iOS and Play app stores and comes with 24x7, in-app live customer support in a wide range of languages.

95% of all support enquiries are responded to within 30 minutes over a 24-hour period. The online Help Centre hosts a range of employee support articles available in English, Spanish and Dutch.

In addition, there is also an in-app financial coach available for all users. Please note, this is not a financial advisor but is a human coach that can help educate.

Unfortunately sometimes many financial products are simply not available to those who may need them the most. We're pleased to say that all Wagestream's products are available to all employees regardless of credit rating.

Research has shown that employers who use Wagestream reduced staff turnover by 16%.

Across many industries offering earned wage access (EWA) to staff has both encouraged them to work more shifts, plus attracted agency staff members to join main staff banks for the first time​, reducing agency spend by 32%.