31 August 2021

Mileage expense claims simplified

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The focus on the post-Covid ‘Great Return to Work’ for businesses has largely been around hybrid working and how or whether to accommodate it.

That debate will continue for some time. However, there are other less contentious issues to consider, and indeed, reassess. As people get out and about once again, meeting clients, making customer visits or deliveries, travelling to other branches or offices, it’s expenses and expense claims that will come to the fore as business travel starts up again in earnest.

It doesn’t have to be onerous

Expense claims – particularly mileage claims – have long been the bane of many a finance or admin department. Mountains of paperwork, tatty (and often faded) receipts and in many cases inaccurate distances logged can take ages to work through. Birmingham to Nottingham isn’t ‘about the same as Birmingham to London’ in the same way that Glasgow and Edinburgh aren’t ‘about as close as Leeds and Bradford’. 

Around 60% of mileage expense claims are inaccurate – both over, and understated.

The accurate checking and validation of mileage expense claims can be done simply, quickly and accurately – relieving a time-consuming paperwork burden while saving the organisation, and employees, significant amounts of money in the process.

MHR partners with GBG Loqate

Managing mileage expense claims just became a whole lot easier. GBG Loqate integrates with MHR’s iTrent to provide a highly efficient way of managing mileage expense claims using address and post code verification. 

Once submitted, mileage claims are processed with pinpoint accuracy – thus ensuring the end of inaccurate claiming. Postcode validation functionality within iTrent records journey start and finish locations precisely. Multiple claims can be submitted and calculated in the same transaction using this functionality. Additionally, post codes for areas not yet built upon can be validated – very useful for people working in the construction industry. 

The integration also enables businesses to combine mileage claims with other expenses in iTrent, making the process, setup and payment seamless – without adding to workloads or significantly changing existing procedures. Powered by the most accurate global location data, Loqate have over 19,000 customers globally across a range of industries, providing high quality address verification.
Simple and intuitive to use, high level accuracy isn’t the only major benefit. Utilising iTrent with the additional Loqate functionality also means a significantly reduced workload (and burden) for payroll and admin teams as there’s far less need to check or validate. 

Simple, accurate, and a time saver

Lodging mileage claims in iTrent’s expense module is easy. Simply enter a starting location and then at each stop enter that stop location. The distance between locations is calculated by configurable algorithms and output in miles. The system then defaults to the shortest point between locations. However, an override function is available if an adjustment (road closures, detours etc) is needed. There is no requirement for any manual recording or calculation by the user; the system does it all, eradicating the possibility of human error.

Paid mileage is fully integrated into payroll within iTrent, making the expenses claiming process smooth and simple. There’s also an easy-to-use chatbot for mobile devices through MHR’s People First app. It’s linked to iTrent and records mileage at the push of a button. 

The end of burdensome, time-consuming paper shuffling

This partnership with MHR and Loqate is loaded with benefits. It’s accurate, saves significant amounts of time, cuts out paperwork and saves money for both employees and businesses by eradicating inaccurate or missed mileage claims. This streamlined, widely compatible, and simple-to-use system is a big time and money saver for both employees and management teams.

Simon Wooldridge, Content Writer, MHR

Simon Wooldridge

Simon is a content writer at MHR.

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