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Grosvenor Technology

Enhance your workforce management solution with HCM terminals

iTrent HR and Payroll now integrates with Grosvenor Technology terminals to simplify workforce management

The real-time integration is direct between iTrent and the Grosvenor terminals enabling information to be sent and received directly from your iTrent solution, ensuring multi-site and shift-based management is simple and easy to manage.

Our paid time, flexi-time, and rostering modules all integrate with Grosvenor Technology HCM terminals to automate working patterns into a simple and streamlined process. 

Grosvenor and iTrent's integration helps you:

  • Save your team the time and inconvenience of manual checking clocking-in records 
  • Improve accuracy by reducing mistakes and the risks of human error
  • Simplify your time and attendance records
  • Automatically flag inconsistencies for managers to investigate
Grosvenor partner with MHR Global

The Terminals

Grosvenor Technology have developed a range of HCM data terminals (timeclocks). These HCM terminals feed data into iTrent’s Paid Time, Flexitime and Rostering modules, providing for improved payroll and management of working patterns.


GT4 – boasts a 4.3-inch colour display with a Linux operating system. It supports pin, proximity cards, swipe cards, barcode, fingerprint biometrics - with integrated speakers to give audible responses when pressing keys.


IT51 – has a 10-inch colour and resistive touch screen, with an integrated camera to help prevent fraudulent transactions. It’s durable casing, makes it suitable for factory shop floors/production lines and is supported by optional environmental enclosures to ensure operation down to -18°C stainless steel.


GT8 – offers an 8-inch touchscreen colour display and Android 10 operating system. The GT8 supports proximity, pin, swipe, barcode and magnetic cards and fingerprint biometric clock-in options – along with integrated facial recognition.


GT10 – offers a 10-inch touchscreen colour display with the choice of Android 6 or Linux operating systems.  Employee credentials: proximity, pin, swipe, barcode and magnetic cards and biometric fingerprint clock-in options. An optional enclosure for industrial environment (dust ingress) is available. The Android version is enabled with 5 megapixel camera for facial recognition.

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Grosvenor Partners with MHR Global

What are the benefits?

  • Ensure reliable and insightful reporting through an instant data feed
  • Increase your business resilience with an integration that can support changing working patterns and trends
  • Replace manual admin processes through automation
  • Reduce costs associated with incorrect data entry of payment and absence reporting
  • Improve the compliance of your workforce management strategy
Grosvenor Partners with MHR Global

The complete solution

Grosvenor Technology offers a standard installation and commissioning process – ensuring that the terminals are set up and communicate directly with iTrent. This partnership is also supported with GT Services; GT Connect and GT Protect

GT Connect is a cloud-based SaaS service that supports:

  • Device Estate Management & Remote Diagnostics
  • Identity Management
  • Data Management
  • System Management

GT Protect is a subscription-based warranty service. It provides hardware advanced replacement services and technical support to customers.