Broadbean Partner with MHR Global


Attract the best talent using extensive job multi-posting services

Save your HR team time and enhance your recruitment process with job multi-posting

Our partnership with Broadbean is invaluable to recruiting teams, allowing them to post jobs to an extensive network of channels instantly.

 Adopt a seamless integration proven to enhance productivity and better utilise recruiting budget.

Ensure that your advertised roles are visible to the right talent:

  • Broadbean has access to more than 5,000 job boards across 187 countries
  • Leverage insights to determine and schedule optimum posting times to enhance applicant engagement

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Broadbean Partner with MHR Global

The benefits of using Broadbean with your MHR solution

Pairing MHR software with Broadbean creates benefits for recruiting teams as well as the wider organisation.

  • Schedule job posting and free up valuable time within the recruiting team
  • Acquire critical data of channel performance and applicant activity through reporting tools
  • Remove the burden of managing applicants through an external system
  • Enhance your talent acquisition strategy with the ability to track advertising spend and ROI
Broadbean Partner with MHR Global

Enhance your existing recruitment

The integration between MHR and Broadbean enables recruiters to post out to numerous job boards instantly from within the HR system. The addition of insights helps drive strategic recruiting initiatives and through purchasing job board credits, recruiters can post out job adverts to a global network of job boards to maximise brand and candidate exposure.

Candidates that apply are then fed directly into the HR system, where recruiters can progress applications as normal. Along with offering reporting tools, Broadbean also offers customers 24/6 (Mon-Sat) support, with an in-house media team at hand to assist with the purchasing and management of job credits.