DLX Partners with MHR Global

Document Logistix

Build better business resilience with iTrent Document Manager

Centralise all your documents in a secure hub

The average office worker uses up to 45 pieces of paper a day – of which two-thirds are wasted.

Our longstanding partnership with document management provider Document Logistix, has proven invaluable to customers, by better preparing them to operate digitally and playing a significant role in reducing administrative expense and inaccuracy.

iTrent Document Manager supplies easy and efficient centralisation of your documents, optimises your information life-cycle with a digital document strategy, maximises productivity, and reduces your carbon footprint.

The benefits as an iTrent customer:

  • Strengthen your digital strategy
  • Enhance risk management
  • Stay ahead of compliance requirements
  • Benefit from modern architecture
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
DLX Partners with MHR Global

Case Management

Trying to gather multiple pieces of content to create a ‘case’ can be a dreaded task. With organisations struggling to access documents when mobile, poor user experience on current systems, and the inability to locate documents.

iTrent Document Manager allows organisations like yours to optimise your case documents into a secure, centralised location, meaning you can limit the access to sensitive documents keeping you in line with compliance requirements, as well as keeping all case documents together so they are easy and quick to locate.

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iTrent Document Manager simplifies the recruitment and onboarding process by allowing seamless document uploading when vetting and onboarding a new employee. Securely storing all uploaded documents and clearly showing which are outstanding, eliminating the risk of breaching data protection laws.

This drives efficiency through the process by highlighting which documents are still needed and reducing time spent searching for and reviewing documents, with them all being stored in a centralised location.