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Document Logistix

Build better business resilience with iTrent Document Manager

The average UK office worker uses up to 45 pieces of paper a day – of which two-thirds is waste.

Our longstanding partnership with document management provider Document Logistix, has proven invaluable to customers. Not only has it better prepared them to operate digitally, it has also played a significant role in reducing administration expense and inaccuracy.

iTrent Document Manager supplies easy and efficient centralisation of all document types, providing a secure central hub for all documentation.

Optimise your information life-cycle with a digital document strategy designed to maximise your productivity, reduce your carbon footprint, increase business resilience and support hybrid working.

The integration between Document Logistix and iTrent is specific to the following modules:

  • Recruitment
  • Case Management
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)

This is an out-of-the-box integration with iTrent, with all support and development delivered in the UK.

Document Logistix can also be integrated with MS Office and Google Docs.

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DLX Partners with MHR Global

What are the benefits as an iTrent customer?

iTrent Document Manager delivers effective electronic document management across your HR function. Ultimately ensuring that teams granted access control, can source the information they need securely wherever they are.  

  • Strengthen your digital strategy with an easy to use document solution which provides a simple and intuitive user interface  
  • Enhance risk management and improve your disaster recovery strategy and visibility of audit trails  
  • Stay ahead of compliance requirements such as GDPR, DPA, and other industry-specific requirements  
  • Benefit from modern architecture via a multi-tier application that integrates fully with other leading business applications

Watch our latest webinar with Document Logistix

As we return to work, it can be challenging to manage and support remote and hybrid working. Thus it has become a significant priority for businesses to effectively manage and store their organisation's documents. This webinar focusses on how iTrent Document Manager delivers improves efficiency across the organisation.

Watch our webinar to find out how iTrent Document Manager can help support you!