HR Software for Small Business

Expert HR advice, guidance and training

Expert advice, guidance and consultancy support

Whether you're a small organisation without a dedicated HR team or an international business breaking into the UK market, we have a variety of solutions to support your HR needs.

Our team of CIPD qualified experts can provide you with training, remote or onsite advice and guidance, or document and policy support to transform your processes. Whatever you need we are there for you.

Our HR Advisory services provide an extension to your team, ensuring compliance with HR and legislation challenges and helping you to support your employees.

We can help you with:

  • Keeping you up-to-date and advising on policies and ever-changing legislation
  • Working with you on site or remotely to support your team with training or advice and guidance
  • Advising on best-practice approaches for your engagement strategy

How can we support you?

Our remote or onsite services are designed to relieve the pressure of managing your HR responsibilities. We work with you to tailor our approach to best support your organisation. We act as part of your team, removing the cost of having an in-house team of specialists.

Fast and accurate advice

Our team can offer advice and guidance responses within one working day when you need help

Policy and procedure checks

We’ll review your contracts, handbooks, correspondence and documentation, providing templates or creating them for you where needed

HR training

We’ll provide training on topics such as people management or learning to conduct effective investigations

Strategy review

We’ll review your HR strategy and highlight opportunities to excel whilst ensuring compliance

Improve engagement

We’ll advise on engagement strategies to maintain employee loyalty and dedication to reduce turnover and improve productivity

Comprehensive support

Our team provide specialist advice and support on disciplinary, absence or performance management through any employee investigations or hearings that arise

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SME HR advisory

HR advisory services

For smaller businesses, managing HR can be a nightmare. You can't always justify the costs of hiring people with specialist skills or maintaining the infrastructure for these services in-house.

Our experts help to manage your HR issues, legislation changes and policies when you need them. We’ll provide advice about issues relating to your teams or individuals, giving you the support needed to manage situations effectively, with minimal stress for everyone involved. We can get you up and running in 24 hours.

SME HR assistance

HR assistance services

Our service is designed to relieve the pressures of delivering your overall HR strategy as well as day-to-day people management. It will help free up your time and your managers’ time to continue focusing on core functions as your business and teams grow.

Our expert team of specialists can offer on-site consultations on improving employee relations as well as training on a range of HR topics, such as people management skills or learning how to conduct effective investigations.

Payroll Pensions Support

Outsource your payroll or pensions

We can take care of your payroll processing, from pensions to payslips. You can outsource as much or as little of your processes depending on where you need to make cost efficiencies or free up resources. We can also provide emergency payroll support to improve your disaster recovery planning.

Our automated processes ensure our team not only offers the services you need but go above and beyond to add value and help our customers. We're always available when you need us.

International business services

International services

For businesses looking to expand into the UK or international companies who want an improved service from a UK and payroll partner, we offer HR and legislative expertise. We are experts in advising international organisations on UK HR processes, ensuring all our customers are fully compliant with UK legislation.

Our team will guide you on all issues around HR, leaving you to focus on developing your business in the UK.