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People First Learning Management Suite

Develop your people and
drive business growth

Learning and development: Enabling organisational agility and growth

Successful businesses rely on knowledge, creativity and innovation. It is absolutely essential to have a workforce with the correct skills.

People First Learning Suite puts employees at the centre of the experience, enabling them to manage and develop their skills, meaning your business remains relevant, driving performance and future growth.

People First Learning Suite consolidates your organisations knowledge and learning into one intuitive, social, engaging platform, whether it is user-generated or formal learning. 

Our learning management system tracks business impact and learning adoption, providing you the analytics and insight your organisations managers need to track ROI. This ensures alignment of learning content to match changing business needs.   

Learning Suite works on your mobile as standard, making it available on-the-go when it is needed most, just like the rest of People First HR software.

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Does my company need an LMS?

Learning strategy has never been more important.

You need agility

Organisations need flexibility and the ability to do more with less, but are held back by restrictive role specifications. The key to successful change management is learning management is key to successful change management, the ability to quickly re-skill employees is a necessity.

Adapt to hybrid workforces

More than 50% of organisations don’t think their current LMS is adequate for their people. People First helps you to develop your workforce in a variety of exciting ways, whether they’re home-based or a contractor

Tailored learning paths

Providing employees a learning and development experience matching their expectations is a challenge for businesses. Maintaining relevant learning for your people plays a key role in keeping them engaged. Tailored pathways in People First enable your employees to develop and maximise what they have learnt and put it into practice daily

On the go access

It doesn't matter where your employees are working, or how they prefer to learn, People First Learning Management Suite enables them to learn when and where works best for them, on their preferred device

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What can you achieve with the People First Learning Suite?

The People First Learning Suite enables your business to take a proactive, engaging, and transparent approach to learning. This places your employees in charge of their own development, helping to drive business growth and agility through learning and development.

Enable Now workforce

Integrations with third parties

People First has expansive API connection capabilities, allowing you to further enhance your learning and development strategy. It easily integrates with any of your existing solutions, ensuring a seamless learning experience for your people, allowing you to gain real-time insights into learning and development activities.

See the People First learning management system in action