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BB7 Consultancy

BB7 Consultancy were going through a rapid period of growth, and were operating using manual processes.


Katie Frisby, People and Culture Advisor saw that BB7 Consultancy was getting no real value from their HR system. With repetitive, manual processes such as piles of paperwork mounting up, HR task were taking far too long.

Crucial information was held on spreadsheets and finding data was a nightmare. Things had to change.


Katie looked closed at three potential providers before deciding on People First, MHR’s latest HR and payroll platform. Our partnership with Microsoft Dynamics 365 was an instant appeal to Katie, as BB7 Consulting was starting to implement this software for project management and finance.

The People First platform was a massive upgrade on their existing platform and instantly enhanced and automated a range of processes across the HR team, from recruitment and onboarding to talent management and policies monitoring.

Benefits BB7 Consultancy saw:

  • Enhanced top-down communication
  • Benchmarking is simplified.
  • HR save 2+ days per month on admin tasks.
  • Onboarding is quicker and easier.
  • Positive feedback.
  • Easy to use.