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Market Harborough Building Society

In a strictly regulated sector, the Market Harborough Building Society were looking to enhance their ability around facilitating business oversight and compliance, both internally and externally.


Market Harborough Building Society wanted a solution that would allow efficient support submission of regulatory returns, whilst eradicating errors and improving efficiencies, in order to make future auditing easier.

They also wanted to do this by reducing manual elements in planning, by having more automation across standard processes.


Implementing IBM Planning Analytics with Watson enabled the society to respond quickly to changing and growing business needs.

The solution allowed the society to gain efficiencies on their mortgage risk assessment and reporting, balance sheet, P&L, cashflow forecasting and scenario planning forecasting. The team would be able to spot errors and identify any data concerns.

Benefits Market Harborough Building Society saw: 

  • Positive implantation process
  • Reduced need for multiple spreadsheets
  • Time saving.
  • Reduction in risks.
  • Easy to identify trends.