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Hugh James

Hugh James is a leading law firm in the UK, they needed a system that all their employees could use to manage their personal HR and payroll tasks.


Hugh James desired an integrated HR and Payroll system, to process their own payroll rather than having to outsource. They also needed a system for employees to complete their personal HR tasks, reduce paper-based HR and payroll admin and simplify the management of their employees.



iTrent provided Hugh James with a system that has saved time, helped with management and personal HR and payroll tasks, and reduced paper-based admin.

Rachel Rimmer stated “We enjoy that iTrent is continuously developing, offering new functionality which we can choose from. As we develop and we want to offer a better service to employees, iTrent can allow us to do that”.

Benefits Hugh James saw:

  • Positive implementation experience
  • Reduction in paper-based tasks
  • Flexibility and easy access
  • Time saving
  • Employees manage their own data