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With over 7,000 employees, Admiral needed a software solution that reduced admin and allowed their employees to take ownership over personal HR and payroll tasks.


Admiral struggled with inconsistent processes and could not utilise their HR and payroll department with the additional tasks of data entry. 

They needed an automated system that allowed employees to manage their own tasks, which would reduce admin, but also solve the issue around employees entering absences and missing data.  



iTrent enabled Admiral to gain greater functionality and flexibility, improving the streamlining of business processes and efficiencies. The system allowed employees access to personal tasks like absences which reduced admin tasks for the HR and payroll department. 

With iTrent, Admiral saw an increase in personal data. The system also gave managers access to data in real time.  

Benefits Admiral saw:

  • Reduces HR and payroll admin
  • Positive implementation experience
  • Employees manage their own data
  • Flexibility
  • Time saving
  • One-one service support