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HR and Payroll Software for Education

Discover why over 300 organisations in the education sector rely on us for HR and payroll support

Supporting operational, strategic and educational requirements

From schools, colleges, and multi-academy trusts (MATs) to independents and universities, over 300 organisations in the education sector rely on our software and services to transform their HR, payroll, and finance processes.

Our solutions move organisations from being reactive and administration-led to proactive, data-driven and strategic, helping our customers fulfil their objectives and empower their people. 

Our HR and payroll solutions can help you with: 

  • Centralising data and automating routine tasks  

  • Attracting and retaining diverse talent 

  • Freeing up HR teams to be proactive and strategic 

  • Supporting organisational culture 

  • Simplifying payroll and pension management 

MHR | HR and payroll software trusted by educational institutes

Cloud-enabled HR and payroll solutions to benefit your educational institute

Our comprehensive software solutions and expert industry advice simplify HR and payroll processes, increasing efficiency in a high-pressure environment. A cloud enabled solution empowers your team and creates new opportunities for digitalisation, innovation, and expansion.

Empower HR teams

Remove time consuming tasks and automate daily activities with a self-service platform that enables employees to manage their time, absence, and essential details. Our solutions centralise information for people to access as and when they need it, leaving your HR team to focus on business-critical tasks. 

Simplify complex pay structures

Easily manage teaching and non-teaching employees with varying pay, different pensions, and multiple contracts through specialist payroll software and services that can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Outsource your payroll on pensions to remove single points or failure or to free up your teams time.

Provide a library of knowledge

Setup an engaging learning management platform that encourages employees to consistently develop and learn new skills - helping individuals broaden their skill sets and realise their potential while boosting organisational success. 

Recruit and retain

Select diverse talent and deliver a flexible onboarding process with our user-friendly learning management system. Our software solutions provide online recruitment portals, employee engagement tools and comprehensive content to provide a complete platform that will build a dedicated team and unlock student’s potential. 

Support for your people

Ensure everyone feels valued and confident in their ability to work in a high-pressured environment. Keep your finger on the pulse and promote good practice for employee productivity through online learning, objective and goal setting tools. 

Maximum security and accessibility

Through accredited cloud hosted solutions, private data centres, dedicated expertise, and leading monitoring solutions we can provide you with everything needed for complete accessibility and peace of mind knowing employee data is protected.

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MHR | Schools and Colleges HR and Payroll Software

Schools and Colleges

Adopt solutions that support schools and colleges automate back-office processes, develop critical skills, recruit new talent and reduce burn out while delivering a better employee experience.

By transforming the way you work, you can improve organisational culture and innovate for success. 

MHR | Universities HR and Payroll Software


Dramatic shifts in the higher education landscape, cuts to budgets, increased cyber threats to sensitive data, and a competitive talent market are just a few of the challenges currently facing universities. Our technology will be an invaluable tool for you to optimise processes while attracting and developing the best talent, ensuring great employee and student experiences.