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Oldham College

Oldham College needed a solution to automate their recruitment processes from several legacy systems. The college were a customer of iTrent and wished to optimise it further by integrating a recruitment solution.


Oldham College were using manual processes to post on several different job boards to recruit. This was time-consuming, repetitive, and laborious. They needed a solution that would streamline their recruitment process, save time, and integrate with their iTrent system.  

They also required reporting capabilities to show where applicants had seen the job advertised to provide a clear picture of their recruitment ROI. 



iTrent was integrated with Broadbean to help recruiters reach candidates fast and efficiently. Broadbean provided Oldham College with a simple way of getting a job advert onto several job boards, enabling recruiters to post the job once then the software does the rest. 

The seamless integration with iTrent, meant that all information and accompanying data was held in one place.

Benefits Oldham College saw:

  • Reducing admin
  • Time saving
  • Positive implementation process
  • One single user-friendly platform
  • Efficient