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University of Huddersfield

With over 2,000 employees, the University of Huddersfield wanted to extend their partnership with MHR and streamline HR procedures to transition their documents to a digital environment.


The University of Huddersfield wanted to streamline HR procedures to gain major efficiencies. They needed a system that would remove time-consuming paperwork, onerous processes, and give access to historical data and information easily.  

By moving to a digital environment for their documentation they could avoid risk associated with physically handling and transferring sensitive employee information whilst speeding up operational processes.  



iTrent’s implementation meant that Huddersfield now have a system that meets their concerns around data. The integration has generated significant time saving and added additional security layers to the management of sensitive documentation.  

With the help of iTrent, user satisfaction of self-service stands at 86%. The new system allowed Huddersfield to gain greater functionality, customisation and flexibility, improving efficiency in processes.

Benefits the University of Huddersfield saw:

  • Positive implementation process
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Elimination of paper-based tasks
  • Time saving
  • Easily access data