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Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast were looking to streamline all HR and payroll processes through iTrent, to save time, increase efficiency, and reduce paperwork.


After a long and trustful relationship with MHR, Queen University Belfast were looking to extend their relationship by integrating all their HR and payroll processes through iTrent. They desired to reduce paper-based tasks and paper trails. Decreasing risks associated with hard copies of documents. 

The University wanted to eradicate privacy and security risks with employee data, ensuring legislative compliance, whilst saving on costs. 



iTrent enabled the University to streamline all their HR and payroll processes through a single platform and iTrents Document Manager gave support for complex processes behind academic promotions. 

The integration of iTrent delivered significant efficiency to the University, Interview panel members can access candidate applications, management accountants use it as a reference point as well as the Salaries and Pensions teams. Glen Campbell stated “We’ve had a very pragmatic, honest, trustful relationship with MHR over the years. We don’t stay with organisations for this length of time unless there’s something good happening.”  

Benefits the University saw:

  • Increased security and accuracy of data held
  • Reduced paper-based tasks
  • Time saving
  • Reduced costs
  • Support with complex processes
  • Improved data quality