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Reaseheath College Case Study

Reaseheath College needed to simplify their HR and payroll processes to eliminate the need for spreadsheets.


Reaseheath College were immersed in spreadsheets, and needed to implement a solution which would improve, speed up and simplify hr and payroll processes.

They desired a sophisticated way to forecast and budget and needed a platform which gave them a quicker understanding of salary increase scenarios to see what the global impact would be. Current methods were time consuming and often had errors.


iTrent Salary Modelling facilitated detailed analysis of the college’s payroll data. It has also highlighted areas for data cleansing and process review. The single use platform enabled the college to remove the need for error-prone spreadsheets, giving greater visibility during budgeting processes.

iTrent also supported strategic planning and decision-making from management. Reaseheath College gained greater ability to project salary cost variance and impact, which helped impacts of cost-of-living increases and minimum wage variations.


  • Greater visibility on project salary cost variances.
  • Elimination of manual spreadsheets.
  • Positive implementation process.
  • Improve accuracy over data.
  • Reduction in errors.
  • Clear audit trial in budgeting process.