28 April 2021

iTrent Tips: Workforce Management

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Did you know iTrent’s new features make it easier to manage your workforce more effectively?

iTrent can help you plan, manage and engage your employees effectively to boost your organisation's productivity, reduce admin, find cost-efficiencies to support your growth objectives. Utilise iTrent to its full ability with our iTrent tips blog series!

Read our top tips to improve your processes.

Top tips to get more out of iTrent and improve the management of your employees.

Did you know our new ‘Personal and Structure Details’ page allows you to create and attach a person to structure in the same action – great for when rolling out this process to managers but still wanting to retain security?

Our updated personal and structure details page allows managers to fill out an employee’s details and add them to the organisational chart in a single process, meaning you never lose an employee’s details due to security settings. This saves significant admin time setting up new starters, efficiently keeps the organisational chart up to date, and retains the security features that prevent access to people not in the organisational chart.


Did you know the Agile Schemes feature within the Time and Attendance module can be used to notify a person with annualised hours on how many they still have to work in the year?

Employers who have varying business demands over the year find annualised hour contracts useful, allowing workers to be utilised to their full potential. It gives employees greater control over their working patterns allowing them to feel more empowered and motivated at work.

Keeping annualised hour contract employees up to date with the number of hours they have left to work allows for greater flexibility within your workforce. Employees with children can ask for more hours in term time and less or even none in the school holidays.  


Did you know that the absence entitlement lost when a person is sick can be controlled based upon the sickness reason?

Logging sickness absences through a HR system can be complicated, especially if you have different rules for different sicknesses, increasing the amount of time spent checking, editing, and changing the absences to make sure they’re correct.

Now, iTrent can be configured to allow managers and employers to input the sickness reason, and the absence entitlement will automatically reflect your rules, such as where Covid-19 sickness differs from standard absence while adhering to the requirements of data protection legislation.

Correctly recording the details of an employee’s sickness ensures accurate pay and allows employers to make the correct adjustments to help employees return to work.

Ellena Frost

Ellena Frost

Ellena is a Field Marketing Specialist at MHR.

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