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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Managing ERP can be a headache. We're here to make it easy for you.

With our cloud ERP system, you can:

  • Empower your workforce with flexible solutions that they can access anywhere, anytime 
  • Automate and streamline processes to reduce complexity and increase efficiency 
  • Harness your data to unlock powerful insights across your entire organisation 
  • Provide the highest standards in accuracy, compliance, and confidence 
  • Adapt, integrate, and use solutions across all your critical business areas 

Enterprise resource planning solutions to help you thrive

In today's fast moving, unpredictable world, how do you ensure that your business has the resilience to not only survive but thrive?

Whether it's operational complexity, resource constraints, digital transformation or external market pressures, you need a system that allows you to navigate the complexities of today with confidence, rather than one that makes you want to scream "HRRRRRRRGH!".

With our flexible, intuitive and integrated ERP system, you can understand and address all your HR, payroll and finance needs in one place. The result? A well-established, data-driven and effective approach to key business processes. Nailed it. 

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Boost agility and responsiveness

In a world defined by uncertainty and change, agility and resilience are essential. With smarter HR, payroll, and financial processing, you’ll have the flexibility to move quickly and adapt fast.  

On top of that, with access to real-time data insights, you'll better understand current and future trends, empowering you to make informed decisions at all levels of your organisation, from the front office to the factory floor.  

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Reduce your risks and costs

Our ERP software integrates your HR, payroll, and finance systems to deliver a more efficient business that's ready for success. You'll enjoy greater automation, better data governance, and improved security.

Manual data hater? Not anymore. With our ERP tools, you'll benefit from seamless data transfers, as well as increased accuracy, reduced risk, and a workforce that's free to focus on deliver real value.

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Engage and empower your people

It's not all about technology, it's about your people too. To deliver success, you'll need the right tools to engage and develop your team of experts. Plus, you'll need to deliver intuitive user experiences to keep your business running as smooooothly as possible.

We're here to help you to put your people first. Our integrated ERP application ensures that your employees receive the support they need to grow and excel, from recruitment and onboarding to learning development. Let's create a team you can all be proud of.

ERP buyers guide

Enterprise planning tools to help

Resource rage is real, which is why we offer a range of free, downloadable resources you can use to transform your approach to enterprise planning:

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Enterprise resource planning system FAQs

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to how organisations manage their core business processes, including finance, HR and payroll. ERP tools simplify this, providing a smooth and easy way to facilitate these processes, share data, and ensure operational efficiency. 

Composable ERP is a form of business strategy that uses technology to align a company's operational, administrative and structural requirements. It highlights the importance of investigating in digitalising business operations to streamline processes and enable tour organisation's agility in the long run. And, it encourages the adoption of new technologies and capabilities to ensure internal teams can access data quickly, easily, and securely.

Solutions for enterprise planning include cloud migration, workforce planning, automation, financial planning, sales and operations, and compensation. To find out more about what we can provide, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.

At MHR, we understand how crucial informed decision-making is to your business. That’s why we’ve been helping businesses and public sector organisations with their enterprise planning for over 35 years.

As experts in everything HRpayroll and finance, we combine our pioneering approach to financial planning, workforce planning, sales and salary modelling to revolutionise the way you work. We'll help you make important strategic decisions at the touch of a button, because we know how important it is that business can flex, react and adapt.

It's true we're the full package! By choosing us, you can say "goodbye" to silos and "hello" to a fully integrated ERP system.

To learn more about how we can help you to transform your systems, contact our team of experts today. One of our consultants will be happy to help you find an ERP solution that works for you.

ERP tools and systems help you plan and manage your daily business activities. From accounting, and to compliance, ERP will enable you to make those informed decisions.

With our innovative alternative ERP system, you can:

  • Align your finance and operations. Our ERP tools won't let bad forecasting rain on your parade. You can easily view the relationship between operational and financial data, resulting in business decisions that enable optimum performance. 
  • Drive performance by aligning your entire business. With all departments working together on the same strategies, you can create budgets and plans that cover all bases.
  • Get the insights you need to make informed business decisions. With all the information you need right at your fingertips, you can better understand factors behind performance. In short? Our ERP system mean that you can act immediately with confidence.
  • Collaborate across departments to create a cohesive planning process. Forget siloed working. With our ERP tools, you'll be able to seamlessly collaborate across departments, making planning simple and stress-free.

Cost is a potential barrier for some organisations that are considering an ERP solution. However, it’s often not as expensive as some people imagine. The benefits, though, are substantial.

We understand that no business is the same, which is why we offer different levels of support and analysis – depending on organisational requirements. This means you’ll only ever pay for what you need – reducing the cost considerably.

But that’s not all. Our innovative ERP tools and systems will save you money in the long term. By automating manual processes, you can dramatically reduce the number of hours spent agonising over forecasts while also freeing up internal resources. Not only that, but because you’ll be able to see your data clearly, you can identify areas where there are cost savings to be made.

On top of it all, because you’ll be able to make informed business decisions more easily, you’ll likely see an immediate impact on your bottom line.

ERP software can be used across any industry. Some will benefit more from an ERP system than others, such as retail or utilities, where they have considerable difficulties across their financial processing, supply chains and workforce planning.

Whether you require an ERP system is dependent on the needs of your business, with organisational transformation, no matter what industry or size of the organisation. It will also helps to combat the grey areas of order processing, stock management and the transactional finance aspects of these types of activities. Complexity never looked so simple.