2 December 2021

Broadbean and People First integration reaps benefits for talent acquisition team at MHR

Broadbean Job Multi Posting

Integration enables posting to several job boards quickly and efficiently in one go

The recruitment process has moved on significantly in the last twenty years.

The move to online has meant a more efficient assessment of applications, reduced costs for employers and a better candidate experience.  

It has also led to the growth of a new industry – online job boards. As the number of job boards grew, jobseekers found a plethora of options to choose from, but left employers with a real headache in knowing what board to post jobs on.

“Do I go with or is better?”

Job boards such as Indeed, Total Jobs and Monster are all searched tens of thousands of times daily and weekly. Some carry a range of positions while others may have a regional or industry bias. Experienced recruiters know where they want to advertise – sometimes on up to a dozen job boards. However, posting positions across different channels is time-consuming and costly.

Increased challenges for recruiters

As 2021 draws to a close, recruiters face challenges not experienced in a generation or so. COVID and Brexit have caused a wide-spread skills shortage.

ONS data shows 1.016M UK job vacancies as of October 2021. This compares to 461K vacancies during the same period in 2020 and a January 2016 to June 2021 high of 764K. Industries experiencing the greatest shortages include hospitality, retail and manufacturing.

Not only are job vacancies at a record high, but an even greater challenge is anticipated with ‘the great resignation’ – with industry observers forecasting millions of workers looking to change jobs as things start to return to some semblance of normal.  

Upping the ante

Recruiters need to act faster than ever to secure talent. Additionally, employers need to ensure recruitment and onboarding processes are smooth, efficient and welcoming.

Recruitment is a costly and time-consuming process, particularly in the current climate. But advertising across several online channels increases potential reach and a more diverse candidate pool.

Faced with this, MHR looked to Broadbean, an innovative recruitment technology business – their goal to “help recruiters to reach candidates in a fast, effective and efficient way”. Basically, this meant a much simpler way of getting a job onto several job boards – quickly and painlessly. Recruiters post the job once, Broadbean does the rest.

A streamlined solution

Emily Glover, Talent Acquisition Business Partner recognises the immediate value Broadbean has brought to the talent acquisition and hiring process at MHR.

“Since implementing Broadbean as a multi posting provider, my team has more than halved the amount of time spent posting out jobs.

“My team now have time to focus on other things such as headhunting and producing engaging job descriptions. Posting out to individual job boards was tedious. It’s great to know that now we can post out widely in just a few clicks. We’ve experienced a boost in productivity and as a result have saved money. I am very excited to see this integration develop as the functionality of Broadbean continues to grow. Leveraging the reporting functionality will be critical to MHR’s future recruitment strategy, as it will provide us with the insights we need to achieve a significantly improved ROI on the cost of our recruitment.”

Time and money saved, a speedier more efficient process in place and being better positioned to face upcoming recruitment challenges add up to great win for MHR since integrating Broadbean with their HR and payroll software.

Simon Wooldridge, Content Writer, MHR

Simon Wooldridge

Simon is a content writer at MHR.

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