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In Ireland, the complexities and challenges in delivering services for public sector and semi-state organisations are facing constant pressure to create operational efficiencies and optimise spending while ensuring quality delivery of services. In reviewing your HR and payroll functions, you can look at driving new cost savings, improve data security, and enhance regulatory compliance.

On this page we'll examine:

  • Some of the issues facing the public and semi-state sector in Ireland today
  • How MHR can address some of those key concerns
  • How to book a demo with MHR

Are you getting the most our of your HR and Payroll software?

The intricacies of public sector and semi-state HR and Payrolls have been the foundation of MHR's success in the UK and Ireland. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing a HR and Payroll provider:

Reduce your costs

A bespoke solution designed with the specific needs of the public sector in mind can improve your efficiency and your impact on society. You are freed from disruptive and costly overheads such as IT maintenance and, instead of relying on outdated or insufficient technology, you have the expertise of a world-class HR and payroll services provider supporting you.

Ensure full compliance

Manage even the most disparate and diverse workforces, ensuring everyone is paid accurately and on time. That means taking into account new payroll requirements like PAYE modernisation and keeping up to date with future legislative changes like Gender Pay Gap reporting.

Manage data security

MHR achieve high levels of data security by investing heavily in our state-of-the-art secure data centre. Add to this data security processes that are accredited with ISO 27001, ISO 9001, as well as SOC 2 compliance, and you can have total confidence in the way your employee data is processed.

Free up your time

If HR and payroll activities continue to constrain your resources outsourcing your HR and payroll can alleviate the burden on your teams. Deliver HR and payroll services more efficiently and improve both employee productivity and employee satisfaction.

Supported at all times

MHR support teams will add value and reduce complexity every step of the way. So whether you’re looking for new operational efficiency, managing individuals with multiple roles, or supporting employees to work remotely and on the move, we can help you introduce better, more flexible ways of working.

Enhance your HR

Our cloud HR software streamlines your HR processes – saving you time and effort – and helps you recruit, on-board and retain the great people who can improve your service delivery. We enable you to unlock the full potential of your people from day one, while adhering to your HR policies.

Man viewing employee record on iTrent

A single view of your HR

Our award-winning fully integrated HR and payroll software provides you with a single, centralised view of your workforce, improving your:

  • Recruitment and on-boarding experience by streamlining processes
  • HR management with valuable insights that are orientated around your biggest asset - your people
  • Talent management, through performance appraisals, learning and development, and succession planning
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Payroll designed to your needs

Ideal for the demands of public sector organisations, our HR and payroll software brings you all the support of our dedicated government and public sector team.

  • Ensure accuracy and transparency – with employee self-service, e-payslips and access to data through mobile devices
  • Reduce costs and paper processing – with automated workflow and authorisation to pay your employees accurately and on time
  • Improve efficiency and compliance – with batch scheduling, net-to-gross calculation, RTI in line with PAYE Modernisation, and SEPA integration

Why choose MHR?

With over 35 years’ experience, MHR has been researching, supporting, developing and testing our own technology and services. With in-house expertise and no external investment, MHR focuses on market and future trends, to ensure we provide the solutions are customers need now and in the future.

Compliance is at the core of our software and services, backed by our own state of the art data centres to lock down your sensitive information. And with a range of support including strategic consultancy, outsourcing and bot building capabilities, we’ve got a solution whatever your business’ requirements.

MHR supports hundreds of customers, helping to pay hundreds of thousands of hard working employees across a variety of industriesand sectors, including Trailfinders, Admiral, Severn Trent, Hugh James and Catch 22 to name a few.

Take the stress out of HR and Payroll: we’ve got your covered.