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Authoring and eLearning Tool

Quick and easy training material creation

Do you want to reduce your training burden?

For learning and development to work most effectively, training should be delivered in context, addressing pain points right at the time of need.

The Authoring and eLearning Tool allows you to quickly and easily create, edit and distribute the training and learning materials you need to help your workforce achieve their potential. Alongside traditional assets such as manuals and guides, you can also create quizzes, guided tours and on screen prompts - all from a single recording to help get your employees up to speed, whatever their learning style. 

We can help you with:

  • Creating everything you need, stored all in one place, including manuals, videos, simulations, guided tours, tests and eLearning courses 
  • Ensuring faster, easier content production with browser-based authoring and a user-friendly interface
  • Instantly upload the assets you have created to the MHR Learning Management System (LMS)

Deliver learning materials that work

The Authoring and eLearning Tool simplifies the creation of learning materials, empowering you to create the type of training that really hits home. Here’s how it can help:


The Authoring and eLearning Tool can be accessed via any connected device. Through template-based production, you can move and manipulate objects, create and add pages to assets, play with layout, appearance and much more.

Boost training effectiveness

Create a range of performance support materials to speed up user familiarisation, improve productivity and reduce the volume of help-desk queries.

Formal, informal and on-the-job support

You can create core documentation, soft skills training, process tutorials and assets that can be accessed through remote-working, to support your workers with the right type of training at the right time

Reuse and repurpose

A single recording, such as a demonstration, can be used to create multiple outputs such as videos and freeze-frames for static documentation. All content can be automatically translated into different languages.

Produce and manage – all in one place

Content can be uploaded instantly to the Learning Management System. This gives you a single, easy-to-use hub for creating, managing and distributing all of your corporate learning initiatives.

Integration with your HR platform

Go one step further to allow employee records in your HR system to be updated automatically on completion of training activities with our APIs. Get a clear view of your workforce’s training history, results and progress whilst removing repetitive data entry

Find out more about the authoring and eLearning tool in our MHR Learning brochure

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What are the benefits?

We know that training content production can sometimes feel like a burden. That’s why we’ve created the MHR Learning to make the process quicker and easier.

Read all the benefits the MHR Learning can bring to your business in our brochure, from training courses to system support. 

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Explore the LMS

The Learning Management System allows you to simply manage, deliver, and measure the effectiveness of all your learning programmes while automating tiresome admin tasks. It's simple to create unique learning experiences and personalised programmes and you can migrate and manage all your existing content. The inbuilt LMS eLearning library means that you can purchase and add thousands of courses.