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Education payroll and HR software

Discover why over 1,500 educational institutions rely on us for HR and payroll support

Supporting operational, strategic and educational requirements

We support over 1,500 organisations and 75,000 employees within the education sector, transforming their people processes and payroll. Assisting internal HR teams, we work with clients from leading schools, colleges, multi-academy trusts (MATs), independents and universities to reshape internal HR processes and systems.  

Our HR and payroll systems for education help organisations move away from reactive and administration-led processes and take steps towards becoming the strategic institutions they truly are. At MHR, we help our clients fulfil their objectives and empower their people.

Our education payroll software and HR solutions can help you: 

  • Centralise data and automate routine tasks  

  • Attract and retain diverse talent 

  • Free up HR teams to be proactive and strategic 

  • Support organisational culture 

  • Simplify payroll and pension management 

The benefits of our cloud-enabled HR and payroll systems for education organisations

Our comprehensive education HR services, software solutions and expert industry advice simplify HR and payroll processes to increase efficiency in your sector. Our cloud-enabled HR education software empowers your team and creates new opportunities for digitalisation, innovation and expansion.

Empower HR education teams

Remove time-consuming tasks and automate daily activities with a self-service platform that enables employees to manage their time, absence and essential details. Our education HR solutions centralise information for people to access as and when they need it, leaving your HR team to focus on business-critical tasks.  

Create and provide a library of knowledge

Set up an engaging learning management platform that encourages employees to consistently develop new skills. By helping individuals broaden their repertoire and realise their potential, you’re far more likely to experience organisational success.  

Recruit and retain

We support educational institutions with all aspects of HR, talent management, and employee engagement. Select diverse talent and deliver a flexible onboarding process with our user-friendly learning management system.  

Simplify complex pay structures

Easily manage teaching and non-teaching employees with varied pay rates, different pensions and multiple contracts through our specialist payroll software and payroll services – all tailored to your organisation’s precise requirements. Outsource your pensions payroll to remove single points of failure and free up your team's time.

Support for your people

Ensure everyone feels valued and confident in their ability to work in a high-pressured environment. Keep your finger on the pulse and promote good practice for employee productivity through online learning, objectives, and goal-setting tools. 

Maximum security and accessibility

Through using accredited cloud-hosted solutions, private data centres, dedicated expertise and leading monitoring solutions, we provide customers with everything needed for complete accessibility and peace of mind. With us, you’ll have confidence knowing employee data is protected under ISO27001, ISO9001 and SOC 2. 

Get started with an HR and payroll solution that drives efficiency

MHR | Cloud Hosting Service

Cloud-enabled software

Education is often a target for cybercrime and as a result education institutions need to make cybersecurity a priority, as a weak security infrastructure can put you at risk.

Our cloud-hosted HR and payroll systems for education means you can store all your employee records and documents in one central secure location. Ensuring you stay on top of compliance and data protection rules as well as reducing admin and repetitive data entry for your HR and payroll teams.

We can help you reduce the risk to your organisation.

Teacher's Pension

Monthly Contributions Reconciliation (MCR)

MCR is the new method for submitting service, salary, and contributions information to Teachers’ Pensions, replacing the previous MDC methodology.

To support customers with managing MCR submissions we have built a Web Application designed to meet the specifications set by Teachers’ Pensions.

The MCR application acts as a bridge between iTrent and the Teachers’ Pension portal. Allowing data to be exported from iTrent and pulled into the appropriate format to be submitted to Teachers’ Pensions.


HR and payroll software built for the education sector

No matter how complex your requirements are, our cloud-hosted iTrent software can transform all aspects of your payroll and HR needs, so you can manage your payroll simply and accurately – from one single system. 

We’ll also take away the legislation headache. We work with legal bodies to stay on top of legislative changes and update iTrent four times a year, ensuring you’re always compliant. 

We will support you with iTrent – the leading and most customisable payroll system currently available. 

iTrent Salary Modelling Dashboard on an ipad screen

iTrent Salary Modelling

Setting a medium or long-term education staffing budget is rarely easy.

Although through collaboration with your HR, payroll, and finance teams and iTrent Salary Modelling, your educational institution can unlock the power of your people data and use it to assess attrition rates and forecast employee salaries for accurate and up-to-date planning. 

Automate reporting, reduce budget preparation time, and test the impact of proposed pay band revisions and other changes with easy-to-use scenario modelling.