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Education, payroll and HR software

Over 1500 educational institutions rely on us for HR, payroll and finance support.

Supercharge your strategic potential

Supporting over 1,500 organisations and 75,000 employees within the HR education sector alone, MHR is an expert education payroll provider. From universities, to school, colleges and multi-academy trusts, we can reshape your HR processes and transform your team into a proactive strategic institution.

We can help you:

  • Make processes super speedy with automation getting rid of routine task 
  • Free up HR teams to be more proactive, creating new strategies that define your organisation  
  • Simplify payroll and pension management, accounting for the hugely diverse range education contracts 

People first's employee profile, personal data. representing a platform that enables companies to centralise data.
Centralised data
Gather everything you need from one unified system, speeding everything up.
People First employee progress overview board, attracting and retaining talent with MHR's learning software.
Attract and retain talent
Give your best talent everything they need to thrive, reducing burnout and boosting engagement.
People First's employee pay overview showing every payslip in their employement.
Simplify payroll and pension management
Our specialist payroll software and managed payroll services can be perfectly tailored to the needs of every employee.
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Support organisational culture
Empower employees with a self-service platform enabling employees to manage their own essential details.
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Meet statutory requirements
Make keeping accurate SCR in line with KCSiE as well as other statutory requirements a breeze.

Payroll, HR and finance

Higher Education
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Higher education

We’re the chosen payroll provider for nearly half of UK universities. We understand the unique complications that you have to face, with complicated pay structures, HESA returns and multiple contracts. That’s before you get into pensions!  

MHR’s higher education payroll services as well as our HR and finance platforms all seamlessly integrate for an accessible experience. 

Academies and Colleges
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Academies and colleges

Working in education can be tough, but our HR software for schools can help all your employees grow professionally and reduce burnout. 

Plus, our education payroll software features built-in statutory calculations and Teacher’s Pension reporting, so you can stay compliant without getting bogged down in admin. 

Independent schools
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Independent schools

iTrent provides a consistent onboarding experience and will enhance your entire recruitment process, ensuring the kind of consistency that lets you engage employees from day one. 

Plus, enjoy peace of mind with robust cybersecurity features, that will keep your reputation completely clean. 

Get started with an HR and payroll solution that drives efficiency

How we can help

With expert industry advice and care, we our cloud-enabled HR, payroll and finance systems will change your world.

Empower HR education teams

Our self-service platforms enable employees to manage their own essential details and daily HR needs, freeing up your HR team to focus on the big picture. 

Create libraries of knowledge

Encourage your employees to develop key skills and take charge of their career paths with our engaging learning management system (LMS). Give each employee the tools to succeed. 

Recruit and retain top talent

Overcome the biggest issue an HR recruitment teams. Our recruitment and onboarding systems will ensure you roll out the red carpet for each new hire. 

Simplify complex pay structures

No matter what varied pay rate, pension or contract you’re dealing with, our specialist payroll software and managed payroll services can be perfectly tailored to your exact needs. 

Help your team feel valued

Educational institutions can be a high-pressured environment. Use our goal setting and online learning systems to keep your finger on the pulse of how your employees are doing. 

Protect your data

Your data is a treasure trove, so make sure it’s protected. Our cloud-hosted solutions paired with private data centres and dedicated expertise to give you complete peace of mind. 

Education payroll, HR and finance FAQs

So many HR, payroll and finance systems for education rely heavily on manual entry and paper forms. This massively slows down the entire system, leaves your results riddled with errors and makes it difficult for HR teams to stay ahead of the curve. Investing prevents all of that, and lets you think more strategically.

We have provided support to over 1500 educational institutions. iTrent is recognised as being a particularly good fit for education HR services, because it’s so flexible to their unique needs.

Very! Because it’s based on the cloud, it’s incredibly easy to keep our software up to date with the latest security requirements. We also make use of multifactor authentication, and user behaviour analytics for even more protection.

Absolutely, our team will help you to find the right solution for your educational needs. Book one today.