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Making the most of your data

Understanding how data analytics should be driving your organisation

Maximising your data opportunity 

You will already be collecting data from various sources; some you will be fully utilising and some you probably won’t even know exists. The challenges you face are understanding where all that data resides, its structure, how to access it and most importantly what value it can bring across your organisation. 

You will already be using some form of business analytics for reporting and analysis. Based on the level of data maturity, the type and outputs will vary from standard operational reporting through to some form of predictive analytics capability. 

Whether it relates to areas such as your people, sales or supply chain the biggest returns will be achieved when you can combine that data analysis to provide powerful visualisations, reporting and data driven decisions. 

Building out your data analytics capability? 

Wherever you are on your data journey ensuring you are working across departments, building a robust data architecture, aligning analysis and delivering accurate reporting is critical to maximising your performance returns. 

In order to achieve this, it is critical you have the right approach and tools in place. This means considering:  

  • Hosting all your business data in the cloud so it is easily scalable, manageable, and secure 

  • Building a robust data architecture that will support your future growth and data aspirations 

  • Utilising the right tools to enable you to analyse, report and visualise on key performance metrics   

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Supporting your data journey

From ensuring you utilise a scalable, secure solution to interactive visualisations we have the tools to support you move from operational reporting through to prescriptive analytics to drive your business decisions.

Data Structure

Ensuring you have the right structure and foundations in place for your data is critical to the success of your data journey.  

We can host and manage business data in a secure, scalable and accessible cloud solution giving you a single version of the truth.  

Data Management

Poor data quality can hold you back as an organisation.  We have a team of consultants, expert in data management that can work with your data to start optimising its use so that you can adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to get more from your data.


Timely and accurate reporting can support you to make better informed decisions helping you to drive and grow your organisation. 

Our comprehensive range of reports and managed data services can support you ensuring you have the data you need at your fingertips.


Through clear visualisations you can empower your entire organisation to understand what is happening throughout your business.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Platforms and Data Analytics we support businesses with visual dashboards using Power BI to unlock the potential of their business data. 

Start getting the most from your data

Plan, budget and forecast

Operational Reporting

Mandatory reporting can consume a huge proportion of your team's time, through manual processes and submissions. Our team of experts can set up and manage your regulatory and compliance reports ensuring you have accurate information available for submission on time, every time, leaving your teams free to focus on other areas essential to the business. 

iTrent reports

Visualising your data

Gathering insightful and accurate data is a manual and time-consuming process for many organisations.  

Through our People Analytics platform and intuitive visualisations built on Power BI you will no longer need to spend hours manually manipulating data in complex spreadsheets, instead you will be able to bring your data to life and utilise it to drive strategic business decisions. 

iTrent demo Insight Builder

Scalable platforms

We work with the Microsoft Azure platform to enable you to scale quickly and open up new opportunities utilising powerful AI based tools to understand your data. Combining that with the ability to build and deploy multiple business Apps, embedding them across your organisation to help increase the use of available insights and boost productivity. 

Embrace a more efficient way of working with people analytics


Business analytics refers to the knowledge, technologies and methodologies that are usually applied in most cases using an organisations data to interpret, understand and influence decision making. 

  • Salary
  • Performance
  • Absence
  • Employee turnover
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Health & safety
  • Recruitment

Business analytics will use elements of data analysis combined with other information to help make informed business decisions. Data analysis mainly focuses on analysing data sets to find trends and patterns.

The right HR analytics platform is like turning on a light in a dark room.

With the right data in front of you, decision-making can be transformed thanks to accurate future predictions.

With the right people analytics solution, you can:

  • Track performance
  • Plan ahead
  • Make decisions based on data that you have accurately collected.

In a fast-paced corporate environment where every decision counts, having all the insights in front of you makes all the difference.

Whether that’s assessing KPIs, pinpointing costs, or assessing risks, HR analytics means you can be proactive.

With the iTrent People Analytics Platform, you can finally track performance with ease.

Plan for what’s ahead and generate intelligent insights to enrich decision-making across the board.

For more information on the application of HR analytics and how it could transform your organisation, read our handy guide.

With the growing volume of data collected every day across an organisation it is no longer viable to try and collect and understand what that data means without some form of solution. Without a data analytics solution in place for storing, processing, analysing and using that data will mean you just end up doing nothing. 

The cost of our HR analytics software varies depending on the size of the business, the type of software, and the level of support. 

We offer everything from fast out-of-the-box reporting software to bespoke packages – and everything in-between.

The right HR analytics tool can save you money by highlighting areas of waste, so you can put a plan in place today.

To see where HR analytics could take you, get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote.

We offer a variety of HR analytics support to our clients.

From implementation support through to customer HR and payroll support, we’re here for you when you need us.

As standard, all customers get exclusive access to a dedicated service desk team and customer portal.

From there you’ll find FAQs, support materials, software updates and be able to manage tickets to make life as easy as possible.

Data is precious. That’s why we take our compliance and accreditations very seriously.

At MHR, you’ll find that all our HR systems are accredited by recognised bodies.

As well as being BACS and HMRC-approved, we also hold our Payroll Quality Partnership accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

We know that data security is imperative. That’s why we also hold SOC 2, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications and are members of Cyber Essentials and the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership.

Not only that, our HR experts are contributors to consultations, technical forums and workshops with government bodies such as HMRCDWPBEIS and The Pensions Regulator.

That’s why we’re trusted by Trailfinders, Admiral, Nottingham Trent University, Hugh James and Companies House to name a few.

When it comes to our innovative HR analytics platform, you’re in safe hands with us.

Predictive analytics refers to the process whereby the data is being used to model future scenarios with minimal manual intervention. Prescriptive goes one step further where the application is learning based on the data it collects and decisions made to solve problems and make potential changes without any manual intervention. 

Data lakes is a term used to describe a centralised repository for storing all your data at scale whether structured or unstructured without the need to reorganise it before use. 

That will clearly depend on what you would like to do with the data that you hold, what sort of data that is and the current way in which it is stored. We can work with you to understand all these aspects to give you a good idea of the time scales.