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Find the power in your people with real-time HR data and analytics reporting

What is HR analytics?

HR analytics - otherwise known as workforce, talent, or people analytics - involves collating valuable data and explaining to key decision-makers why things happen the way they do.

HR and payroll analytics use your employee and organisation data to provide a clear understanding of how your people impact your business. The result? A clearer understanding of your workforce.

This helps you make accurate predictions about how decisions will impact the business as a whole.

Seamlessly combine your HR and payroll analytics data with business plans and forecasts to support strategic decision-making.

How can HR analytics help your organisation?

Once you know why things happen the way they do, this data can inform strategy moving forwards.

If you have a thorough understanding of your organisation, you’re far more likely to implement the right HR strategies.

HR analytics software helps you to:

  • Utilise your existing people data to improve your organisation's performance
  • Drive data-backed organisational change
  • Provide accurate views of your organisation through easily accessible HR analytics reports, dashboards, plans, budgets, and forecasts
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What can an HR analytics platform do for you?

HR analytics has the power to give your organisation a competitive advantage, helping you reach wider strategic goals quicker. Some of the benefits of HR analytics include:

Enhanced productivity

HR analytics platforms allow you to identify your employees' capacity, improve performance and reduce churn. Recognise the successful characteristics of your top talent and optimise your recruitment strategy.

Make more informed decisions

Follow the trends affecting your organisation’s workforce in real-time, from absence to audits.

Save time and get rid of spreadsheets

Personalise your dashboard and share graphs between teams. Drilling down into individual details is straightforward with our easy-to-access HR analytics reports.

Develop and maintain company culture

Delve deeper when understanding your company culture. The right HR metrics and analytics reveal risks to a healthy workplace.

Embrace a more efficient way of working with HR analytics.

Plan, budget and forecast

Automatically plan, budget and forecast

Automate your planning, budgeting, and forecasting, all while offering a complete analysis of your most important asset - your people.

HR analytics software allows you to move away from time-consuming spreadsheets and manual processes to deliver the best results for your business.

With our HR analytics platform, we’ll do the hard work for you. Rely on us to calculate the best use of your talent pool based on their skill set, pay grade, and availability.

Thanks to our easy-to-understand dashboard, HR analytics reporting has never been easier. Take the guesswork out of planning and use our data insight tools as the backbone to your strategic decision-making. Explore how the application of HR analytics could help your business.

iTrent reports

Effortlessly create intelligent HR analytics reports

Reporting HR analytics with MHR makes understanding your data a breeze.

With a full organisational view and clear picture of your people, you’ll have the power to avoid talent gaps, analyse your gender pay gap, monitor absence rates and examine salary breakdowns, all while increasing your cost savings.

Whether it’s a one-off query, proposal, or sophisticated management reporting - you can do it all.

Choose from either fast-track out-of-the-box reporting or bespoke HR analytics reports tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

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Easily visualise your data

With an HR analytics platform like ours, you can easily transform your data.

With so many visualisation options, you can seamlessly provide an at-a-glance dashboard for planning, reviews and board meetings.

Don’t waste time exporting data, filling in spreadsheets or making graphs for presentations. Instead, access a quick overview of your people that covers everything from absence to recruitment.

Share your HR data analytics to give all your people the chance to work towards common goals while highlighting potential pitfalls.

Predict your organisation’s future

Predict your organisation’s future

Spot trends and future-proof your organisation by tracking data patterns.

Predicting the future of your people doesn’t have to be complex or scary – our HR and people analytics software is designed with you in mind.

That’s why our experts are on hand to help you get great results.

Whether you’re concerned with talent attraction, employee retention or payroll fraud, HR data and analytics will predict future outcomes.

That way, your business can act today and prepare for tomorrow.

Embrace a more efficient way of working with people analytics


HR analytics, or people analytics, is the process whereby data is gathered about employees in a workforce.

The type of data collected entirely depends on what you’re looking to track, but it could include things such as:

  • Salary
  • Performance
  • Absence
  • Employee turnover
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Health & safety
  • Recruitment

HR analytics are important for any business looking to take the guesswork out of decision-making. With the data in front of you, you can use this to inform strategic business decisions.

Whether that’s targets, salaries, managing employee turnover or otherwise – it all starts with data.

The right HR analytics platform is like turning on a light in a dark room.

With the right data in front of you, decision-making can be transformed thanks to accurate future predictions.

With the right people analytics solution, you can:

  • Track performance
  • Plan ahead
  • Make decisions based on data that you have accurately collected.

In a fast-paced corporate environment where every decision counts, having all the insights in front of you makes all the difference.

Whether that’s assessing KPIs, pinpointing costs, or assessing risks, HR analytics means you can be proactive.

With the iTrent People Analytics Platform, you can finally track performance with ease.

Plan for what’s ahead and generate intelligent insights to enrich decision-making across the board.

For more information on the application of HR analytics and how it could transform your organisation, read our handy guide.

Our iTrent HR Analytics Platform is a cloud-based solution that’s quick and easy to set up.

Integrating with your BI tools like SAP Business Objects, you’ll get access to joined-up decision-making thanks to our innovative interactive dashboards.

You’ll get all the data you need for success right at your fingertips with iTrent, all thanks to our high levels of reporting, forecasting, and data processing.

The cost of our HR analytics software varies depending on the size of the business, the type of software, and the level of support. 

We offer everything from fast out-of-the-box reporting software to bespoke packages – and everything in-between.

The right HR analytics tool can save you money by highlighting areas of waste, so you can put a plan in place today.

To see where HR analytics could take you, get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote.

We offer a variety of HR analytics support to our clients.

From implementation support through to customer HR and payroll support, we’re here for you when you need us.

As standard, all customers get exclusive access to a dedicated service desk team and customer portal.

From there you’ll find FAQs, support materials, software updates and be able to manage tickets to make life as easy as possible.

Data is precious. That’s why we take our compliance and accreditations very seriously.

At MHR, you’ll find that all our HR systems are accredited by recognised bodies.

As well as being BACS and HMRC-approved, we also hold our Payroll Quality Partnership accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

We know that data security is imperative. That’s why we also hold SOC 2, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications and are members of Cyber Essentials and the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership.

Not only that, our HR experts are contributors to consultations, technical forums and workshops with government bodies such as HMRCDWPBEIS and The Pensions Regulator.

That’s why we’re trusted by Trailfinders, Admiral, Nottingham Trent University, Hugh James and Companies House to name a few.

When it comes to our innovative HR analytics platform, you’re in safe hands with us.