The modern face of analytics

With the world constantly shifting, you need to adapt if you want to thrive. Organisations of all stripes need to make effective data-driven decisions as quickly as possible. Without a strong analytics team, you’ll fall behind your competitors and struggle to jump on trends when they’re most relevant. 

Yet so many organisations aren’t sharing their data with the rest of their team. 

So what problems are analytics teams having to deal with, and how can you ever hope to overcome them? We’ve put together this report packed full of data to help guide your decisions. Unleash the true potential of your data with MHR. 

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Why is data analytics so important?

Understanding the vital role that data has for any modern organisation is key to helping you withstands shifts in the market. Your data is a priceless treasure trove, so it’s critical that you make sure it remains high quality and gets used effectively. 

This report is a great way to get started with understanding the common pitfalls that analytics departments deal with, and making sure that you get to avoid them. 

Your questions answered

Our analytics report answers many key questions including: 

  • What the situation in analytics departments looks like right now 
  • What you should avoid if you want a strong analytics department 
  • Some key innovations you should invest in to make the most out of your data 

This report covers:

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Six key problems

Analytics teams are all battling the same problems across the industry. From single points of failure to inefficient uses of time, any one of these problems could cripple a team without the means to deal with it.

A lady with glasses on smiling holding a laptop, looking at vital insights MHR's analytics integration gives them.

Vital insights

Why do analytics teams operate the way they do? Why are they still facing the same problems? We’ve dug into the data, and generated some key insights about how analytics departments are working…and how they should be working.

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A better approach

We’re not here to just tell you everything that’s going wrong. We’re also here to suggest some options to make things better, both in the immediate term and long into the future. 

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