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Over the years, HR has evolved from an administrative side-kick to a strategy-driving department. Many organisations now recognise the significant role HR has to play in reaching their business goals.

HR analytics has been instrumental in this change, and it’s empowering HR decision-makers like you with the insights you need to understand your business better.

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What is HR analytics?

HR analytics - also known as people analytics, is all about helping your HR department to manage your people in a more efficient way.

It uses your people-data such as payroll and absence management, and business information such as operational performance data, to reveal the solutions to common business problems.

HR analytics can empower decision-makers like you by giving you the insights you need to understand your business better.

HR analytics helps your business answer the important questions:

  • What qualities make up a productive team?
  • What does a successful leader look like?
  • What ROI is gained from training and development?
  • Who’s likely to still be in the organisation by this time next year and who is likely to leave?
  • What characteristics do top-performing employees have?
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What's in the guide?

Your free, downloadable HR Analytics guide will explore:

  1. How your competitors are already implementing analytics
  2. How you can benefit from optimising your HR function through analytics
  3. Success stories: How HR analytics has been used to drive business success
  4. The 6 most common implementation barriers and how your business can overcome them

Enhance your business with HR analytics.