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Outsourced payroll

We’ll manage your people and pay cycles with 99.999+% accuracy.

People First real time payroll showing an employees pay details each month, giving them ownership of their pay documents.

Pride yourself on payroll precision

High payroll accuracy should happen every payroll run, but manual or outdated processes often leave organisations at risk of human error and legislation breaches. Our outsourced payroll service provides our customers with 99.999+% accuracy, every time, eliminating time-consuming processes and the risk of error.

Our team of CIPP and iPASS qualified professionals manage your payroll data to the highest standards, and they ensure your data is processed in line with the latest legislation, to avoid breaches and fines. 

Build your business resilience and add real value to your organisation.

Take the pain out of payroll
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Take the pain out of payroll

Our managed service removes the hassle of running your payroll in-house. Our experts work with you and handle the end-to-end process of your payroll, no matter how complex it might be. We ensure your payroll always runs smoothly.

Discover how you can save time and money, as well as ensure accuracy.

How accurate is your payroll?
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How accurate is your payroll?

With over 70% of organisations still using paper timesheets, forms, and spreadsheets to process their payroll, businesses are leaving themselves at risk of significant financial consequences.

Our latest research explores the significant problems in payroll processes and how it impacts your employees.

Discover the benefits of outsourcing your payroll

Keep your payroll simple and pain-free

From PAYE to being Revenue and SEPA supported, we’ll meet all your payroll needs, regardless of complexity or industry.
Our risk management and comprehensive security features will give you confidence in a safe and compliant service.

Accurate and reliable

By using automation, our systems reduce the risk of human error by minimising multiple data entry points, ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time, every time

Improve data security

Our state-of-the-art Irish data centres provide in-depth security protection and disaster recovery expertise ensuring your data is secure in the EU where it belongs

Experience and expertise

Our teams are IPASS and CIPP qualified, giving you peace of mind that your payroll is processed to the highest standard. What’s more, our award-winning payroll software solution is Revenue approved and SEPA payment ready

Legislation compliance

We always process your payroll in line with the latest legislation, including PAYE and GDPR, gender pay gap reporting, and pensions