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Data & Analytics Consulting

Does data drive your organisation? Discover how MHR can help you improve your strategic decision-making.

Driving digital transformation

We’re experts in enabling business transformation, helping organisations to leverage their existing data and adopt the right technology in order to improve their performance and business resilience.

With a wealth of experience across both public and private sectors, our team of data management and analytics experts know what it takes to support your business. Whether you need advice on a digital transformation project, how to identify and organise the data you hold or guidance on where to start – our team can support you through every step.

We can help you with:

We'll support your data journey

91% of organisations we recently surveyed acknowledged data-driven decision making as an important factor in their growth. However, only 57% said that their decisions are actually based on accurate information.

Our team of experts can provide a clear roadmap that brings your requirements to life.

Setting a data strategy

We’ll support you in developing a robust strategy, with the right levels of data quality and data governance in place to ensure your data is accurate and can be used effectively across the business.

Data architecture and engineering

Let us help you understand the data and hold, how to access it and what data transformation methods and tools to use to ensure it delivers meaningful insights. 

Reporting and visualisation

Don’t waste time and resources trying to collate data using outdated and error-prone methods, let us demonstrate the options with data visualisations tools and techniques that can help you make more informed decisions.

Experts in Microsoft Azure

With our wealth of knowledge and experience with Microsoft Azure we can help optimise your current set up, or even explore and implement the opportunities available with the cloud.

Training and development

Whether you need advice, technical support, or specific training courses, we can ensure you have the skills and knowledge to successfully manage your data and reporting now and in the future.

Application development

Through low code or no code solutions to Business Data Insights and Virtual Bots, we have the proven expertise as a Microsoft Gold partner to drive organisational efficiencies and automate processes.

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Why choose us?

We have proven experience within data and analytics, understanding complexity and delivering solutions that help overcome obstacles and deliver our customer’s goals and objectives.

With Microsoft Gold Partner competencies in app development and integration, cloud platform and DevOps, data analytics and data platform, we’re committed to delivering our expertise by listening to our customers needs and working as an extension to their team.

No matter what your data objective, industry or business size, book in a discovery session to see where we can help.

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How we work

Whether you’re just starting out in your data journey, need help with completing a data transformation project or want to advance your data maturity to the next level, we’d be happy to help.

Through our discovery sessions we’ll establish your challenges and the value you could gain by resolving them.  

Once we have this picture, our team of expert consultants will work with you to translate this information into a tangible service that will support you in implementing strategic change. 

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Virtual Partner Service

With shifting priorities, challenges and technological developments, it’s often impossible to always have the skills and knowledge you need in house to manage your data and ensure it continues to deliver value.

So let us help. Our team can support you throughout your entire data journey to ensure you always get what you need, no matter what your data challenge.

From ad-hoc advice to bespoke onsite training or full project roll-outs, we’ll act as a virtual extension to your team – enabling you to scale your resources as required and ensure your teams are upskilled and supported to achieve your goals.