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Data Analytics and Reporting

Gain greater insights to improve your organisation's decision-making

Are you making the most of your data?

Businesses constantly produce data and while some of this may be captured, chances are you’re not exploiting its full potential.

According to our research, 86% of businesses don’t use their people data to steer objectives and growth.

The challenge can seem too big, so it’s important to establish a starting point to help you understand your current picture.

That's where we can help. We’ll support you in understanding the important role your data plays in delivering meaningful insights and provide solutions that empower you to be driven by data, strengthening your business resilience. 


We can help you with: 

  • Devising a complete data and analytics strategy, incorporating cloud-based opportunities
  • Establishing data quality and management processes
  • Building a business-wide data-driven culture
  • Operational and strategic analytics and reporting
  • Driving efficiency through automation techniques
  • Advanced data integration to combat data siloes

Supporting your data journey

Through our consultative approach, we’ll work with you to build your data strategy. With clear steps to discover, define and deliver, we can build a roadmap that brings your data journey to life through a series of logical and manageable stages.

Operational reporting

Whether you need to check employee numbers, stock volumes, or holiday allowances, we can help implement or maximise your use of reporting tools to ensure you always have access to the information you need.

Guaranteed compliance

Our business intelligence solutions are designed to support regulatory and statutory reporting such as Gender Pay Gap reporting and pension submissions, ensuring you never miss a deadline no matter what your industry or complexity requirements.

Single source of truth

From data marts to lakes, warehouses and API integrations, we can advise on the right data analytics tools and solutions to consolidate all of your data in to one manageable location – giving you that single source of truth.

Strategic reporting

Make more informed decisions with a holistic view of your business. We can build models that enable you to access and analyse larger data sets, allowing you to identify trends in payroll, attrition rates, the impact of inflation or model, and forecast salaries to support decision-making.

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Data consultancy

Data consultancy

We know that getting to grips with your data and analytics requirements can be a daunting challenge. There’s a constant stream of fresh data to manage and an ever-evolving landscape of supporting tools and technology.

Our team of experts have built the skills and experience to steer you through your data journey. From setting out a defined data strategy, to establishing data governance or implementing advanced analytics. Our team of consultants can support you through an existing project or start from scratch in order to ensure you can truly be driven by your data.

Data analysis

Operational or strategic reporting?

We appreciate that every organisation is different and will have individual reporting requirements for their operational data to support day-to-day business insights.

Strategic reporting focuses on the future using forecasts that help set targets and objectives. Ensuring you have access to a range of historical data will ensure you can review the past to make more informed decisions on what may happen in the future.

No matter what your requirements, our team can ensure you have the appropriate data set up in terms of warehousing along with the supporting business intelligence tools and reporting systems to meet your objectives.

86% of organisations are not using people data to fuel strategic objectives and growth

Unlock the potential of your people data

Our latest research piece highlights how organisations aren’t leveraging the power of their people data. In fact, a huge 86% admitted they’re not using their people data to help steer objectives and fuel growth.

In our report, we discuss some of the reasons and explore how the right BI reporting solutions can combat this – supporting the visibility and use of data across the entire business.

Download our report today to find out how data can drive your business forward.

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