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Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

What is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

People First LXP combines the functionality of an LMS with the social engagement of an LXP. It’s able to be fully integrated into your HR platform meaning that from day one your employees can access engaging learning content.   

We can help you: 

  • Engage employees with an exciting learning experience 
  • Provide reminders for key compliance needs 
  • Reduce admin time spent on reporting on your learning engagement levels 
  • Produce AI recommendations for personalised learning plans 
  • Track training activity both online and in-person events  

Advantages of implementing an LXP

Learning Experience Platform (LXP) from People First showing upcoming training events.
Learning pathways
LXPs are great at creating tailored learning plans for individuals or teams. Help build a clear plan for employees to develop and know their progression route, boosting their engagement.
A man smiling looking happy after reducing hiring costs with People Firsts digital learning solutions.
Social learning
Use your LXP to connect employees with content that matters to them across social platforms and encourage them to share insights with the rest of their team.
Desktop and mobile showing People First Learning Experience Platform (LXP), that upskills your workforce.
Upskill your workforce
Make sure you employees have the right skills to excel in their job today and be ready for future opportunities when they arrive
People First LXP dashboards showing employees progress within their training, including upcoming due dates and results.
Track employee progress
Get real insights on how your LXP programmes are doing and report on your return on investment to key stakeholders
People First Learning Experience Platform (LXP) showing engaging training materials.
E-learning content that engages
Our learning experience platform provides e-learning content that's fully compliant with the latest legal requirements and tailor it to your employees preferences with gamification, remote and classroom lead learning

Key features of a robust LXP

Engaging content
People First Learning Experience Platform (LXP) showing multiple training courses an employee can complete.

Engaging content

Host, display, and track learning experience content to help individuals upskill for both their current role and future opportunities. No matter what learning styles your employees have, you can provide them with a range of LXP learning modules to engage them. Let them take charge of their own career development and build a learning culture from the ground up.

Manage compliance needs
People First Learning Experience Platform (LXP) showing mandatory training an employee has to complete for compliance.

Manage compliance needs

Never stress about meeting your legal obligations again. Our LXP sends out regular reminders to keep employees on track, helping them learn keep on top of compliance training without missing a beat. 

Reliable LXP reporting
People First LXP dashboard showing overdue renewals of mandatory training.

Reliable LXP reporting

Being able to monitor, track and report which LXP learning courses have been completed and when is vital, especially when it comes to proving return on investment. Log attendance for both online and in person LXP training to understand who has missed key sessions, and let employees visualise where their strengths and weaknesses are.

Training events
Learning Experience Platform (LXP) from People First showing the last 12 months training events throughout the business.

Training events

Promote and monitor in person learning experiences and training events. These events may take place at a company office or training centre and People First LXP helps you log who has attended, with a minimum of administrative fuss.

Why choose an LXP?

Create a learning experience that helps your employees thrive with the People First LXP. This system seamlessly integrates learning into the daily lives of your employees, letting them grow and develop with a minimum of fuss.

Lifelong learning

Provide learning materials so that employees can develop both personally and professionally. Offering a range of content for all learning styles.   

AI recommendations

Let the system help you find and suggest training modules that are useful for your career and ambitions.  

Integrated learning platform

People First LXP integrates your learning system into your platform. Save time with an easier onboarding process that gives you access to everything in one place. 

The power of centralised data

Having all your employee data in one place helps you make connections to provide better learning paths for each individual. Monitor data about check-ins, progression plans, employee satisfaction and LXP modules to help each individual excel.