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Overcome 3 of the biggest payroll pitfalls in construction

Making sure your payroll is on time and accurate is essential to maintaining a happy and productive workforce, whilst increasing employee retention.

Find out how to overcome the biggest payroll pitfalls in the construction industry, including: 

  • Paper timesheets 
  • The finer details (overtime & sick pay) 
  • Compliance 
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Accurate and on-time payroll

With the construction industry having a high turnover rate of 29.5% - costing organisation £300,000 a year, HR and payroll departments need to effectively communicate and create a culture of trust, at the forefront of this is accurate and on-time payments to employees.

Manual repetitive data entry can cause inaccurate or late payment, which can lead to an unhappy workforce. Using part or fully managed payroll services ensures accuracy and on-time payments to your employees, resulting in them feeling engaged and satisfied at work, decreasing your turnover rate.

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Compliance made easy

Compliance is a complicated challenge, especially for organisations operating on multiple sites. If an organisation is found to be non-compliant with payroll legislation, there can be sufficient consequences.

With the national minimum wage changing regularly it’s important to keep on top of any legislation changes, especially because you can be penalised up to £20,000 per employee if you pay under the national minimum wage.