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With 1500 employees, Torus needed a single use platform to provide greater visibility on projects and tasks.


Torus’s legacy system ran slowly and consumed costs, they needed a centralised data warehousing system which provided a real time dashboard. Due to the complexity of the organisation, they desired a sophisticated system to manage their reporting capabilities.

Torus found large gaps when analysing budgets with actuals, they required a new software to help identify variations making the process of finding a solution faster.


iTrent enabled Torus to take a proactive, strategic approach to tasks. Providing greater visibility for their teams, it allowed for more informed decision-making and more control of data. The platform enabled Torus to access high-quality dashboards tailored to precise management requirements, as well as easy access to key data and stats.

Benefits torus saw:

  • Ownership over data.
  • Positive implementation process.
  • Time saving.
  • User friendly and easy-to-use.
  • Greater visibility.