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Recruitment and Onboarding Software

Hire and retain your top talent with our HR recruitment on onboarding software

Deliver a positive candidate experience with our recruiting software

Organisations with outdated or incorrect systems are ruining their recruitment opportunities, due to slow processes and creating a negative candidate experience. Even when a candidate has accepted and signed the contract the experience isn't over. Onboarding is a big part of starting a new job but only 12% of employees believe their current employer does a good job. 

HR software with a recruitment management system and an onboarding platform can help streamline recruitment and onboarding processes and improve your candidates' experience. By automating tedious administrative tasks, providing consistent communication with candidates, and anonymising applications to remove unconscious bias.

What are the benefits of recruitment software?

  • Post your vacancy adverts on multiple job boards at just the click of a button
  • speeds up the recruitment process
  • An applicant tracking system that quickly shows where each candidate is in their journey
  • Provide automated status updates for consistent communication with candidates 
  • Streamline application shortlisting 
  • Anonymisation to prevent bias 
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Our recruitment management software features

Our recruitment management system helps streamline processes by automating admin tasks. This includes optimising adverts with key information, posting job adverts to multiple boards in a single click, and speeding up shortlisting.

MHR's recruitment software also ensures consistent communication when a candidate's status is updated. This is essential in recruitment as 81% of candidates say communication would improve their candidate experience. 

Tablet showing MHR's onboarding platform in People First.

Why does employee onboarding matter?

Successful onboarding provides new starters and you with multiple benefits. Our employee onboarding software allows organisation to require new starters to complete training to aid their job, understand what's expected from them, and build relationships early on, they quickly integrate within your organisation. 

Essentially, onboarding software provides the tools and opportunities for new starters to hit the ground running in your organisation. Enabling you to get the best return on your investment.

Tablet screen showing People First platform with our onboarding module.

Benefits of onboarding software

Employee onboarding software benefits both employers and employees, including:

  • Quickly integrate new starters into your organisation 
  • Increase the rate of new hire retention
  • Lowering turnover costs 
  • Build a strong culture 
  • Complete all paperwork and activities prior to their start date

Profile sheets showing 3 talent employees, with a magnifine glass searching for ways to retain them.

Retain Top Talent

Once you've provided a seamless candidate and onboarding experience, your main aim is to retain your people. 

MHR's talent management software allows you to update your employee experience strategy and individual learning paths in line with real-time data. Helping you provide a seamless employee experience and develop their skills to fit gaps within your business. 

Download our How-to guide to a healthy recruitment process and start improving your candidate experience

Recruitment and Onboarding FAQs

Recruitment software helps to reduce the time to hire by optimising the whole recruitment process through automation and modern processes. 

It brings multiple benefits to organisations starting at the job posting and finding new talent to onboarding and retaining employees. Providing a seamless experience from start to finish. 

Recruitment management software gives organisations the tools to automate tedious admin tasks, quickly assess candidates' information for shortlisting, and provide consistent communication to candidates - one of the biggest pitfalls in recruitment. 

Being within the HR system allows automatic updates of your people data so all your information is in a single place.

Recruitment software improves your hiring process in multiple ways. From attracting more quality candidates due to positive candidate experience reviews to automating admin tasks and introducing new software that streamlines shortlisting. 

Considering high-quality candidates don't stay on the job market for long, organisations are investing in recruitment management software to stay ahead of the competition, speed uo their postings, and reduce the time to hire. 

A recruitment management system (RMS), helps streamline the whole recruitment process. By automating time-consuming, tedious admin tasks and providing tools such as application form questions to screen candidates for shortlisting you can reduce the time it tasks to hire quality candidates, all whilst providing a positive candidate experience. 

Through our how-to guide for a healthy recruitment process, you can learn how to improve your recruitment process from attraction to retention.

Onboarding software is a type of HR technology that successfully integrates new starters into your organisation.

By managing all new starter programmes, employee onboarding software ensures you don’t miss any documentation or activities that could disrupt their first week. By implementing onboarding software, you’re ensuring you provide a smooth and positive experience from contract signing to starting their role and beyond.

HR onboarding software is used to manage all new starter processes and activities in a single place. It helps to automate tedious HR tasks and keep consistent communication between HR and new starters.

By implementing onboarding software into your HR processes, you ensure new starter documentation is completed before their start date so they can hit the ground running from day one. By simplifying communication and providing access to specific systems straight away, it increases employee engagement and maximises productivity whilst reducing new starter turnover and recruitment costs.