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Create visualisations, share insights, enable effective growth

Microsoft Power BI Consultancy

Microsoft Power BI is a market-leading business intelligence reporting tool that allows you to create data visualisations, share powerful insights, and drive smarter decision-making. The problem? Over 62% of businesses that have Power BI aren’t using it to its full potential.   

We have the expertise you need to unleash the potential of Power BI and deliver measurable results.

We can help you:

  • Unleash the true potential of Power BI 
  • Deliver measurable results that will drive growth 
  • Take part in comprehensive user training to get everyone using the system effectively 

MHR: your Microsoft Partner for Data Analytics

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User training
We’ll get everyone trained up so every employee can reach the point of working confidently.
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Implementation advice
Implementation doesn’t have to be a headache. We offer detailed advice to maximise your ROI as soon as possible.
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Data hygiene and migration support
Switch over from your existing tools as smoothly as possible with clean, useful data.
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Integration assistance
Get a seamless integration with no issues as Power BI works perfectly alongside iTrent.

Unlock the full potential of your people data
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Unlock your full potential

With Microsoft Power BI’s reporting capabilities hardwired into our iTrent People Analytics Platform, you can combine key HR data with data from across your organisation to drive smarter decision-making and put your people first.  

Our People Analytics, Absence Analytics, and Payroll Analytics apps all use Power BI dashboards and data visualisations to turn raw data into powerful, easy-to-read insights.  

iTrent People Analytics with Power BI
A desktop with Microsoft Power BI people overview software displaying.

iTrent People Analytics with Power BI

Gain a complete view of your workforce, including your total headcount, number of positions, turnover, retention, and salary costs.   

Drill down into data at a departmental level to help guide future planning and hiring decisions.

iTrent Absence Analytics with Power BI
A desktop showing the absence triggers dashboard through microsoft power bi software.

iTrent Absence Analytics with Power BI

Monitor employee absence across your organisation. Understand when absence rates spike and decline, and the factors that play into these changes.   

Drill down into data at the employee level, highlighting individuals you need to monitor. Calculate working days lost — and the associated cost to your organisation.  

iTrent Payroll Analytics with Power BI
A desktop showing Microsoft Power BI Payroll overview dashboard.

iTrent Payroll Analytics with Power BI

Gain a top-down view of all your payroll data. Analyse payroll and pension streams at an individual or group level — and see how they impact your bottom line.  

Unlock powerful insights by filtering payroll data by gender, ethnicity, age, and many more categories. 

Microsoft Power Bi Software being shown on multiple screens including, laptop, mobile, and tablet.

Build a data-driven culture with MHR and Microsoft Power BI

Maximise your data with MHR and Microsoft Power BI

Capturing and linking multiple datasets is one thing. Turning that data into actionable insights is another. Here’s how we can help with that.

Future proof your business

Use historical data to predict future trends and outcomes, enabling you to take a more proactive, informed approach to decision-making. 

Access real-time insights

Microsoft’s intuitive analytics visualisation tools give you real-time snapshots of your business’s key metrics. They are fully customisable, ensuring the most important data stays front and centre.

Single source of truth

 Combine data from multiple systems, platforms, and third-party tools to create a single source of truth that everyone can trust. 

Easily accessible data

Collaborate on Power BI reports and share them across your organisation, giving everyone access to the data insights they need. 

Identify patterns and trends

Power BI software enables you to identify, analyse, and act upon patterns and trends across your business, allowing you to make better strategic decisions.

Solve recurring issues faster

Enable managers to track the most pressing issues affecting your business — and make faster, smarter decisions to fix them.  


Yes, you can use Power BI reporting on all Android, iOS, and Windows phones and devices, providing easy access to data insights anytime, anywhere.  

Power BI is a cloud-based solution. However, it's possible to securely transfer data between on premise data sources and the Power BI service using Microsoft's on premise data gateway.

To use Power BI, you’ll need a Power BI Pro license, which you can activate through Office 365. Our team of Microsoft Power BI consultants are available to answer any license-related questions you might have. 

This is the on premise equivalent of the cloud based Power BI Service combined with a Microsoft SQL Reporting Services server. It gives you the ability to publish Power BI paginated and other reports via a browser or mobile device.