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Payroll Software & Systems

Find a payroll management system without the eye rolls

Bring new levels of accuracy, visibility and flexibility to your payslip software

With our market-leading integrated payroll software solutions, you can avoid an HR nightmare by automating the process. This will maximise efficiency and reduce admin while staying in line with the latest legislation.

From P45s to pensions, our payroll software is a lifesaver for both small and large businesses. You can manage it in house, outsource it to our experts or combine the two approaches.

Whichever option you choose, a full payroll system overhaul means saying goodbye to manual processes and human error. Our software is easily integrated with HR and financial solutions to save your business time and money. It's that simple. 

What can our payroll software system help you with?

  • In-house or outsourced payroll – or a combination

  • Improving accuracy to 99.999%+

  • Save up to 50% of your processing time

  • Keep ahead of compliance and reduce risk

  • Control the payroll cycle with confidence

  • Stop pulling out your hair over HR management

Say goodbye to those pesky problems in payroll processes

What are the benefits of using our payroll software?

Payroll management shouldn't have you stressed. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based payroll software solutions are suited to any organisation, big or small. These can be tailored to meet your exact requirements to create smooth, payroll processes that reduce human error and internal rage.

Save time

Our payroll management system automate boring processes such as pension scheme enrolment, holiday allowance, expense claims, P60 handouts and payroll runs. Our nifty software will be a godsend for multiple roles and contracts.

Enable quick, smooth submissions

Our online payroll software won't rain on your parade.

Quick, Simple, Secure, Easy. Our payroll software is supported by a CIPP qualified team, has been given the seal of approved by HMRC, and is fully BACS  compliant. 


Simplify payslips to reduce costs

More over, monotony, thanks to our payroll reporting software, Forget brown envelopes. We'll simplify the payroll process by automating the distribution of payslips and keep the costs down. How? It's all down to our handy, customisable workflows.

Make pensions and benefits simple

Think payday without the mayday with our cloud-based payroll software. Our savvy software keeps everything in one place, including pensions submissions, auto-enrolment, and other benefits and payments.

Increase financial wellbeing

Do the monthly pay cycles fill you with internal rage? Enter: the MHR payroll system. With our help, your employees can manage their finances with earned wage access and a range of tools in iTrent.


Data archiving

Forget resource rage. Easily transfer data from your legacy platform and access it when needed. Our data archiving service enables you to store information in line with HMRC regulations.

Finance needn't be frightful with our payroll software services

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How do our payroll systems make the complex simple?

Nothing is too much for our iTrent software. Transform the payroll process with simple and accurate management from a single system.

We take away the legislation headache. Keeping your friends close but your enemies closer, we work with legal bodies to stay on top of legislative changes. Our legal gurus update iTrent four times a year, so that you're never caught out.

 iTrent is (in our humble opinion) the best, most intuitive and user-friendly payroll system available on the market. Go take a snoop around.

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Streamline efficiencies with real-time payroll

Make payroll dilemmas a thing of the past with People First, online payroll system tracks payslips in real-time throughout the month, freeing you from the shackles (and time constraints) of traditional payroll cycles. 

Accessible to anyone, anywhere, People First provides full visibility of payroll status along with balancing as you go. No more last-minute surprises.

Two bundles of cash protected by a shield, demonstrating the security of our pension processes

Take the stress out of pensions

It's pension management, not anger management. With in-built statutory calculations, iTrent  supports many types of public and private pension schemes.

Our Pension Data Solution offers complete peace of mind. Pension processes are managed end-to-end, providing accurate data returns. 

With us by your side, you won't need to face the wrath of management for missing a deadline or not meeting legislative requirements.

Our partnership with iConnect means returns are faster and easier than ever before.

Bundle of cash and rocket shooting up in the air, launching your payroll into a generation.

Outsourced payroll

With payroll accuracy of over 99.999%+ our award-winning iTrent software, means that your pay services could not be in safer hands.

With us in your corner, your data is secure and, accurately processed, and all payments are made on time, every time. Whether you're looking to outsource everything, get rid of the admin but keep control of the submission, simply get help in an emergency, complexity never looked so simple.


Payroll Software FAQs

Many employees risk falling into debt between paydays, with 35% of workers having less than a month's income saved.

Happy employees make for productive, and resilient workforce and you'll reap the benefits when our payroll software is in place. 

Through our partnership with Wagestream, we offer earned wage access (EWA) alongside a wider suite of financial education tools and empowering resources. This takes any mayday out of payday. 

Find out more about the financial wellbeing benefits of our partnership with Wagestream here.




Yep! iTrent seamlessly integrates with Wagestream to cure those payroll and HR blues. This includes earned wage access, also known as 'pay-on-demand'. 

The integration between iTrent and Wagestream means you can look forward to seamless set-up and data flow of staff and salary information with no impact on current payroll processes. 

You can find out more about Wagestream and our partnership here.



Absolutely. Alongside our payroll platforms, we offer accurate payroll services to get your business all the way through payday. The include: 

  • Payroll processing
  • Fully managed payroll
  • Transactional support for smaller payroll runs
  • Emergency payroll

Discover more about MHR's payroll services and how we can help you improve accuracy can be found here.


Don't wait just get in touch. Things can go wrong. Unforeseen circumstances can lead to disruptions. With a critical function like payroll, you can't afford problems when employees need to be paid.

We provide emergency payroll support to counter these possibilities.

Find out more about how our emergency payroll support works here.



You can't put a price on outstanding HR efficiency, but ROI certainly helps. How much heavy lifting we'll do will vary depending on the size of the business, the type of software and the level of support required.

Don't get us wrong; it's a major investment but payroll software provides excellent ROI by significantly reducing manual tasks and freeing up time.

On the fence about us? See what some of our customers say about our extensive portfolio of business products and services and the improvements we've helped drive.

Read our case studies.

iTrent's Electric theme, our most exciting user interface yet, has been designed to give all the joys of payday without the hassle.

Electric is responsive and has a streamlined navigation that takes the HRRRRRRGH out of everyday HR tasks. Explore a consolidated homepage, convenient quick links and a significant reduction in forms.

Arrange a demo today and see the new interface for yourself.    

We're always on hand to offer all the implementation support you need. This is alongside ongoing customer support services through a dedicated account manager.

Our customers get exclusive access to a dedicated service desk team and customer portal FAQs, support materials, managing support tickets and access to all software updates and improvements.

Our commitment to stellar service is reflected in our 98% customer loyalty rate.  

Get ready for more lunchtime at payroll crunch time. iTrent is configurable cloud-hosted payroll, HR and finance software system. Just adjust the setup your specific business requirements. 

People First is our real-time payroll system which provides a streamlined payroll service.

We also offer outsourced payroll services, so that any business can benefit from a first-class, accurate, fully managed payroll. 

Yes. We've got everything you need for reporting on almost any element of payroll, including bespoke report packs for individuals business needs.

iTrent also integrates with other BI solutions like SAP Business Objects and Microsoft Power BI to offer the highest levels of reporting, forecasting and data processing.

Discover more about our data analytics and reporting solutions.   

We won't get bogged down in the intricacies of iTrent and People First. You can just think of them as payroll without the eyeroll. Plan, manage and engage with your employees while reducing the time-consuming admin.

Just think: automated pensions, holidays, expenses, P60s and payroll processes. We'll free up time spend on manual tasks whilst giving you peace of mind that you can avoid any surprises come payday. To top it off, all our business software solutions can be fully integrated for easy use and little-to-no adjustment time.

Every and any. Our payroll software as a service (SAAS) simplifies time-consuming admin, improves payroll processes and reduces rage, stress and exhaustion within your HR team. Whether that's a one-man band or an army of HR pros.

iTrent, our payroll system, is completely scalable, with no employee limit. It's currently used by organisations that manage tens of thousands of employees.

Learn more about how we cater for large organisations.

Yes, iTrent meets IR35 payroll requirements. What does this mean for you? An end to payday pain.

People who come under these rules can be entered onto iTrent for the calculation for tax and NI, identified as IR35 cases, and reported to HMRC on the FPS return. iTrent will also reject any attempt to deduct student loan repayments from these people.

Read our blog for more information from our Legislation Manager on IR35

No, this isn't done within iTrent but not to worry. We have a partner solution called PAS Organiser which has a configurable link with iTrent which covers this.

Real-time payroll means as end to tedious wait times. Instead of a cut-off period and manually triggering calculation, any changes to an employee's payroll record are visible immediately. 

Discover more about real-time payroll.

Finding the right payroll software for your business is a game changer. Think about their level of expertise, the customer support available and what their existing clients had to say in their  case studies. If this ticks your boxes, then they may be the choice for you.

Getting a quote with us is easy, just fill out our form. Pop in some basic information about your business, and we'll be in touch to discuss your options and prices for our payroll systems.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly with any queries about our pricing or services. Our expert team will go above and beyond to find the right solution for you.