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Cambridge Education Group

Cambridge Education Group has offices across the world, making their workforce time consuming to manage.


The Cambridge Education Group were struggling to manage their HR and payroll across eight territories and needed a fully integrated recruitment journey to support growth and improve their business.  

The group wanted all sites across the digital learning business to expand quickly and introduce remote workers.  



iTrent enabled the Cambridge Education Group to meet all the requirements that they were looking for, with the integration of all HR and payroll activities across all territories.  

Cambridge education stated that through iTrent, they can access training guides as well as manage all HR and payroll tasks in one place. They also plan to optimise iTrent and utilise the learning and development module in the future.

Benefits Cambridge Education saw:

  • Reduction in payroll enquries
  • Elimination of paper-based activities
  • Roll out of HR services across eight territories with ease
  • Flexibility and easy access
  • Positive implementation process