financial wellbeing from MHR

Financial Wellbeing from MHR

Tuesday 16th April
35 Gresse St, W1T 1QY London, GB

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Hosted at our partner Wagestream's offices in London, this half day event promises to provide interesting insight into analysis on the current global landscape of financial wellbeing, how to attract great talent and  how MHR can help you to stay ahead in a competitive environment. 

Agenda 10:00 - 2:00pm 

  • The current global landscape of financial wellbeing in organisations  
  • The impact of financial wellbeing on your employees driven from exclusive research report findings 
  • How to stay competitive and attract great talent 
  • Success stories from Wagestream's customers 
  • Dedicated advisory time with our team of Wagestream professionals 

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Woman smiling at her phone as she is able to withdraw her earnings early, providing her with financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing from MHR

We've partnered with Wagestream to bring you our Financial Wellbeing platform from MHR. our financial wellbeing platform will empower your employees with their budgeting, the flexibility to choose their own pay cycle, build up savings, speak to a financial coach and so much more, without adding to more stress and resource into your administrative team. Our Financial Wellbeing is fully compatible with iTrent and People First. That means you don't need to stress about data silos, as everything will connect within one platform.

A mobile displaying people first holiday functionality.

How we can support you

  • MHR offer a flexible financial toolkit that empowers your employees
  • Helps to boost your employee wellbeing by as much as 86%  
  • Improve and increase employee retention by 16% 

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We're delighted to invite you to attend our exclusive Financial Wellbeing event hosted at Wagestream offices in London. 

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