25 May 2021

Coming soon: How to unlock your valuable HR data insights...

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With People Analytics Platform, we’ve built a way to capture, collect and analyse that rich people data within your organisation. It means the decision-making capabilities of HR are about to get a huge boost.

The rough spot: what is missing from HR data

Some departments - finance, sales and marketing, for instance - are forging ahead with data. They can capture all manner of data points, make sense of them, troubleshoot issues, spot opportunities and predict future performance. These departments are earning a reputation as the powerhouses of organisational decision making. So how can the HR Department keep up? 

We want to help you become a powerhouse of data. 

From predictors of absence through to the drivers of high performance, the data - along with the answers - are there. It’s just getting to them that’s historically been the challenge. 

In many businesses, people data tends to be unstructured. It may be stored inconsistently and could have sizeable gaps. It may also be siloed. This means that although it can be processed for discrete tasks (to do with payroll or training, for instance), it’s actually very difficult to extract it, to ‘join the dots’ between different datasets and to supply the type of insights that can drive strategic organisation decision making. 

So our mission was simple: to free up this data, and help organisations realise its full potential. 

Here’s the solution

People Analytics Platform is an effective way to bring people data out of our HR and payroll solution, enabling you to put it to work better than ever before. 

Data will reside in the cloud making it readily and centrally accessible – a data modelling layer that is primed for action and set to deliver the insights you need. The solution is quick and easy to deploy and get to grips with, as well as being fully scalable. Interactive dashboards change as your data does, meaning you can quickly identify trends and make strategic decisions at the pace of change.

Most importantly, it means you can analyse your people data using your business intelligence tool of choice. For the first time, you’ll be able to pull your iTrent data straight into a PowerBI dashboard or another BI tool of your choice.

What it means

It is easy to see how the People Analytics Platform will transform the quality of HR insights. It will make it easier to spot the predictors of suboptimal performance of staff by analysing drivers linked to different areas like training, attendance and payroll. It is going to equip you to move up the business intelligence ‘ladder’, so you are no longer simply using data to explain what happened, but are better able to predict future direction and prescribe interventions. 

But beyond this, the real game changer is the new ability to analyse people data alongside data from other areas of the business. For example, how do different levels of management training impact sales performance? Is there a link between customer care team absence and customer loyalty?

We believe that our new solution has the potential to deliver added insights in many such areas, with HR firmly in the driving seat. 

Get ready for People Analytics Platform which is launching soon – speak to us today to find out how you can be at the front of the queue to bring your iTrent data to life.

Natalie Cheetham

Natalie Cheetham

Natalie is a Field Marketing Manager at MHR Analytics.

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