iTrent Learning Management system

iTrent Learning Management System (LMS)

Don’t let training be a burden, make it your most valuable asset.

Boost your training programmes

Host, track, distribute, optimise and scale your training with our iTrent Learning Management System (LMS). You can create and manage personalised learning paths for every employee. Get rid of those tedious training management tasks with automation and simplify the content creation process so you can concentrate on adding more value where it matters.

We can help you with:

  • Automating admin tasks and simplifying course creation
  • Access to a library of nearly 100,000 learning materials
  • Personalising learning paths and getting clearer visibility over employee learning activities
iTrent Learning Management System

Learning management transformed

We know learning and development is such an important part of any employee’s career journey. That’s why we want to make our LMS easy and quick to use for businesses. Here’s what it can do:

Slash your training admin workload

Automatically invite or enrol your people. Set expiry dates for certifications and set up prompts when it’s time for renewal. Assign specific training management roles to individuals.

On-brand, on-demand and all done in-house

Create a consistent, engaging, employer-branded user interface for learners. Set up mobile pages and menus for a seamless employee experience across all devices. Assign a range of different content to meet the needs of different job roles or departments.

All your learning in one place

Keep all your assets in one central hub. With our cloud-based set-up there's no limit to the size of your LMS. You can also seamlessly transfer content from the iTrent Authoring and eLearning Tool to your LMS and it's easy to migrate your existing courses.

Personalised learning, powered by AI

Driven by artificial intelligence, iTrent LMS can tag, search and analyse your entire content library, isolating those materials that are likely to be most relevant to individual users. It helps ensure that valuable training assets do not go underused.

A clear view of your entire workforce training strategy

You can view and track all training from a single dashboard. This allows you to effectively manage employee progress and compliance processes. See whether your gamification training is working and whether quizzes or challenges work best.

Integration with iTrent Authoring and eLearning Tool

You can seamlessly transfer content from the iTrent Authoring and eLearning Tool to your LMS. This will save you time by reducing the need to duplicate work.

Watch our webinar all about the iTrent Learning Management System

iTrent Learning Suite on laptop

What are the benefits?

The LMS can free up your HR resources by reducing the time they spend on admin tasks. It can also help the business maximise return on investment with new technology. Read our brochure for all the benefits of the LMS.

iTrent Learning Suite on iPhone

About the iTrent Authoring and eLearning Tool

This tool gives you the power to easily build your own learning, compliance, enablement and user-adoption materials specific to your needs. A hassle free platform through which you can produce high-quality engaging eLearning resources in a fraction of the time. Give your employees access to the exact learning information they need in a timely manner.